Problems using new version

I am using the Desktop Version 19.7.24 on Windows 10
Until I did the update I could enter income and expenses by clicking on the appropriate bank account and at the top of the page I could select either Receive or Spend and then enter it.
Now that is no longer there.
The only way to enter anything is to click on Receipts and Payments. This creates an appropriate receipt and enters the details but it is a long way as each entry I have to view the receipt then go back to Receipts and Payments and start another transaction, select the appropriate bank account and do it all over.
Has the system changed?
Is it me doing something dumb? If so what?
Please can someone help me.

You can use the “Create & add another” button instead of the “Create” button
You could also set defaults

Sorry but there is no Create and Add button on my Desktop version. Also what do you mean by setting defaults?
I am completely lost

looks like you had not updated Manager in ages. :slightly_smiling_face:
the feature in discussion was changed few many months back.
it would not be a bad idea to check the guides section as there have been few many changes to Manager in the last few months.

there is.

if you have only one Bank account or most transactions are in one account you can set them as defaults. this is available for all tabs.
read the guide Set form defaults | Manager

Thanks. I can now see the create and add button.
I have 2 bank accounts but I will set the one I use most as the default. That helps.
I will look for the new guides and read them.
By the way how did you insert the image into your post?
thanks for your help

use the upload button.

So simple. Thank you