Confusion about receipts and payments

I hope this is not posted twice as I was posting when I lost my connection so checked and it is not showing so here goes again.
I use the desktop version on Windows 10
I updated to the latest version yesterday
I have now lost the ability to enter transactions as I did before. In the past I selected the appropriate bank account, then at the top it gave me a choice to receive or spend and I could enter the details and amount. Wonderful
Now when I select the bank account there is nowhere to enter transactions.
As a temp measure I have been entering them via Receipts and Payments but it is not nearly as quick or easy.
has Manager changed or is it me.
Today I got a message saying
“Your database has been upgraded while your Desktop edition is still an older version. Upgrade Desktop version to the latest edition which will solve this issue.”
So I again downloaded and installed the new Desktop. It is now 19.7.25
But sadly nothing has changed
Please can someone help me?

The Spend Money and Receive Money terminology was replaced a long time ago with New Payment and New Receipt. All such transactions must be made in the Receipts & Payments tab. The Bank Accounts and Cash Accounts tabs are now used primarily to manage accounts and examine their balances, not to enter transactions.

The error message you got indicates you have two installations of Manager on your computer. Newer versions will open and convert older data files. But once converted, those files cannot be used by older versions. You need to remove the old version. Make sure you are properly following the update instructions. See the Guide for instructions:

Thank you very much that is great.