Is it possible to set the default bank account in Receipts

Please can anyonelet me know if this i possible, I have only one bank account and it will save me time here.

I am running the latet downloadable version of the dektop software

Thanks in anticipation



Read the Guide about Form Defaults.

In the future, saying you are running the latest version is pointless. The program often has several updates per day.

@icbleakhouse what are you trying to do but you can use form defaults if you want to preselect the bank account in receipts, payments, invoices, etc. When being part of the form default it will always be selected. See for example screenshots below:

Select form default in the receipts tab:

Secondly edit this form default:

If you have the patience, learn from the guides at Guides | Manager

Take care.

Yes it possible…
Goto Receipt, scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will see form default, click on it, under the Received in section choose the bank account you want to automatically see when creating a receipt, and scroll down to update it

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running Version Desktop