Problems opening PDF attachments

I used a sample company and testes Manager and really liked it. Now that I am trying to use it for my 2 businesses, it will allow me to attach files such as pdf, but will not let me view them? Am I doing something wrong?

What happens when you click on PDF attachment to view it? Do you get any error?

No just doesn’t open

Manager uses a web browser to display the user interface. The web browser displays pdf documents depending on the browser settings. The web browser can vary depending on what system you are using.

  • What system are you running Manager on (Desktop, private server, cloud).
  • What operating system is your local computer using?
  • Are you aware what browser is being used?

Windows 11, I have tried Firefox, Brave. Thant may be it , didn’t think about that. Is the desktop secure using a browser to open pdf? I am unfamiliar with using a browser to open documents.

Forgot to say I am using Desktop and version is

@JHE, I changed your title. Your problem is unrelated to being a Manager newbie. Stating the actual problem gets you help faster.

To get updates, do I just download new version?

Please do not divert topics with unrelated questions. Please read the FAQ to learn about forum rules.

Thank you, I will read FAQ

Thanks that helps to narrow down your issue.

Which means the web browser Manger desktop is using is Edge/Webview2

How did you do that? Did you open a Manager link in Firefox / Brave? To do this right click on a link in Manager desktop and choose “Open in a new window” or copy the link and paste it into your browser of choice.

When you do that can you open Manager pdf documents using your preferred pdf document viewer?

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Thank you, that worked.

Still having problems, thought it was fixed. Only way I can see attachments is if I open my business in a browser. I can’t open them from desktop application. Is this just the way Manager is set up or am I doing something wrong.

But when you open a link from Manager desktop you can use the browser of you choice.

Each browser has setting to define how it responds to a users request to open each file type. Some such as Firefox normally open pdf documents directly in the browser but can be configured to open pdf in another application.

The fact you can open pdf documents in Firefox but not directly in Manager desktop / webview2 / Edge indicates there is a configuration problem with Edge / webview2 on your computer.

Sorry I can’t help you further. To be honest I very rarely use Manager desktop as I object to Microsoft privacy policy.

Is there a way I can bypass Manager using Edge/Webview2? I hate Microsoft but can’t afford to change to Mac right now.

Run the server version and access it as local host
http://localhost:8080 or from any web browser

Actually I think it should be, at least that works for me.

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That’s the problem posting web addresses from memory when away from my computer. Hopefully it didn’t waste too much of other users time.
Otherwise this page should help Installation | Manager

I tried both web addresses, no luck.If I buy the server version, will that take care of it or will it just be a big gamble?
Thanks for all the info. I love the software. Wish I had found it sooner.

You have to be running the server version on that computer for for your web browser to be able to access the local Manager server.

It is recommended you use the server version trial first to see if it is suitable for your needs. I do despite using it as a single user 95% of the time. The discount for on time renewal is substantial (1/4 of initial cost), making it an easy way to support the product.