Need help to view attachments

New to the forum so please excuse any mistakes that I make. I am having no luck at viewing attachments that I have been able to attach to transactions that I have entered by means of journal entry. I am using the desktop version. I have researched the forum and found one other account of this but no mention of what was being done wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

@alliecw_12, could you please provide a link to the topic you mentioned where this issue was previously discussed?

Also, how are you trying to view the attachments? They work fine for me.

Finally, what version number are you using?

Thank you for reaching out to me. I have just tonight downloaded Manager Desktop and it gave me I added the attachment just like the Guide instructed and it shows up as an attachment but when I click on it, no response. I vies the topic in the forum under viewing attachments.

I cannot replicate any problem. The example below shows a journal entry from a test business to which I have attached an image of part of an iceberg:

Clicking once on the title of the attachment brings up the image:

Screen Shot 2022-11-17 at 8.50.35 PM

What type of file did you attach? Also, please provide the link I requested to the earlier forum topic.

The link you requested is in this forum under “View attachment” Oct 31 by administrator2. I attached it as a pdf file from Documents. Should I change this to an image and attach?

I now have attached to the transaction as an image and still can not open. This is what is showing as being attached “Builders FirstSource 04-14-2022 (43.88).jpg”. I then click on it and nothing opens. I must not have something done right.

The topic you referred to was not under the subject “View attachment.” It was under “Attachment file not opening.” I had to use my special authorities as a moderator to find it by looking up the activity of the other member on October 31. Details matter.

The other member’s issue could not be replicated, just as yours cannot. As for PDF files, those are fine to attach. I just re-verified that fact.

I can think of only two possible explanations:

  1. You didn’t wait long enough for the attachment to open. Sometimes it takes quite a while, because your operating system has to open the application corresponding to the attachment, then open the attachment file itself.
  2. For some reason, the file size was too large. How big is the attachment file?

I am sorry for the confusion on the link. This file is 139kb. I will keep entering transactions and keep trying on the attachment issue. Love the program for how I am using it. Have a lot to learn, but reading the Guide helps a lot. Thanks for try to help me.

I guess it’s worth checking: do you have a PDF reader installed? And which operating system are you using? We never got any useful feedback from the earlier poster.

See if it helps to rename and re-attach the file to for example Builders First Source.jpg or at least take away the (43.88) (brackets in filenames often gives problems opening them).

Manager user interface is implemented by a web browser
When you click on the attachment (link) the web browser opens the document linked to depending on your web browser settings.
I suggest opening a manager window in your normal browser (without menus hidden).

You need to answer such questions if you want more specific guidance.

When you click on an attachment in the Manager interface which indeed is served from a browser it will open the file in an application associated with the extension such a .jpg with an image viewer and.pdf with a Adobe file format viewer such as Acrobat Reader or PDF Expert.

If such applications is absent or if the browser environment does not recognize the extension which I think is happening here. The filename includes two full-stops i.e. (43.88).jpg The browser thus will try to read .88).jpg and can not associate any application with that.

Multiple dots in file names have always behaved OK from me.
Miss configured associations for particular extensions have caused problems in the past.
Users not doing what they describe they have done is also common.
Hence the need for images of what is actually being done and environment specifications.

Sorry about the delay in answering, just getting started back here. In answer to what system, it is Windows 10, 64 bit. I use Chrome as my browser. I could change to Edge if need be. Will rename this test file and see if that helps. Again thanks to all.

Chrome is the browser on which more problems are reported than any other. If fixing your naming issues doesn’t work (I didn’t notice that, but it is an obvious problem), definitely try a different browser.

Although the attachments appear as PDF files in Manager when I attempt to open them they will not open. I have attempted to restore a backup but the problem persists.

Please provide more information on

  • your environment: - Manager version number, Manager installation type (Desktop, Cloud, server), computer operating system & version number

  • what exactly you are doing. This is best shown with screen shots

  • what exactly happens when you try to view a pdf, again best shown with screen shots

As this functionality works as expected for most users, so there must be something different with some users set up Need help to view attachments

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