Manager Application asking for WebView2

I just installed the most recent version of Manager (20.10.74) and launching the application produces the following dialog box:


The desktop PC in use does not have Windows 10 installed nor the Edge browser. It is a Win7 Pro machine with Firefox as the default browser.
Clicking on the “x” to close the window seems to have no effect on the operation of Manager, but it is annoying to have this precede each session of accounting.
Thanks, Scott

You should be able to install WebView2 on Windows 7 too. Have you tried that?

This won’t change your default web-browser. It’s just a component for Windows new version of desktop edition prefers.

Issues were discussed in this thread

Very well and thank you for the reply.
I just have aversion to installing any software from M.S. as most of it is POS, and I don’t mean point of sale.

Personally, I can live without the cut and paste, which I assumed prompted this incorporated ‘bloatware’.

@VACUUMDOG It’s not just for drag and drop. There are other benefits too. For example, try clicking Print button in Manager under WebView2. For Microsoft, WebView2 is the future and eventually it will be core part of Windows.

Yeah, lots of little advantages there.
Maybe incorporating PDF sending via system default email client too?

Or just make it independent of an external web server component and include its own GUI?

On the other hand, due to a handful of users complaining the .NET component was included (increasing the size from around 14 to 100 MB). Now, again because only a handful of users is complaining, we have to install and add an extra component to Windows OS? There are ideas with far more votes and some more than 3 years old that still have to be implemented.

after upgrade to 20.10.74 and installation of WebView2 the PDF Button in View Mode creates a corrupted PDF Document, whereas it creates a correct PDF, when sending sales order, invoice etc as an attachment with the Email button. Print with selection of an installed PDF Printer will also create a correct PDF Document. ( Edge, Foxit, PDF-Xchange viewer all show the same result )
Setup: Manager Desktop on WIN10

Yep, does the corrupt thing for me too!

pdf creation problem is fixed in version 20.10.75