Problem with sales invoices and customers i think its a bug

Hi i recently updated manager on my laptop and i have two problems.
The first problem is after the update in sales invoices its saying that two customers have overpaid the first customer by $5.00 and the second customer by $10.00 and at the bottom its saying the first customer has an invoice due for $5.00 and the second customer has an invoice due for $10.00

The second problem I have is under the customers tab on one of the customers its saying QTY to deliver is 2 for degreaser 12x750ml but under inventory items the QTY to deliver 0 for the same product.

this is not a bug. this is how Manager works now.

if you are selecting the invoice number when receiving payment, then allocate the exact invoice amount to it. else it will be shown as overpaid.

else you can leave the invoice number blank when receiving the payment and let Manager allocate the payments across the due invoices.

you can read about this in the following topic

click the figure 2 against the inventory item and check the transactions related to it.

thank you for your help