Old closed invoices are showing up with amounts due or overpaid

I have been using the desktop version for several years now (thank you by the way!) and I am using the currently available version. Today, my sales invoices are bringing up sales invoices (same customer) from over a year ago showing either amounts due or overpaid. Anyone help? Thanks.

This is related to the change announced in this release note: [17.9.28] Improvements to automatic credit allocations. The invoices showing amounts due are because prior invoices became overpaid. But make sure you are absolutely up to date, because further improvements were made to accommodate the transition after v17.9.28 was released. Others have reported that similar problems disappeared with later updates. (Manager advances very rapidly.)

Thanks TUT didn’t find this on my initial search. I’ll need to read through it a bit. Again, thank you!

This just happened to me with an invoice and payment dating back to 2014. The transactions appear to have become unlinked, so that the invoice now says $48.05 still owing (1330 days overdue!) and the payment status is ‘overpaid’, with a balance due of -$48.05. Not sure if I should wait for another update to fix it, or if I should try and reconcile them manually?

You should look at the receipt(s) involved for that invoice. Manager believes you have allocated 48.05 too much for that specific invoice. Drill down on the invoice in the Sales Invoices tab. There is also a possibility that you had a prior receipt from that customer that you did not assign to an invoice and which, therefore, was automatically assigned to the one you are questioning. So to fix the one that appears overpaid, you might have to fix a different one. Read the Guide about this: Manager Cloud.

Thanks for the quick reply Tut. Sorry, I didn’t explain things well. They are actually two separate purchase invoices. One invoice was for $193.15, and the other was for -$48.05 (a credit upon cancelling the service). I paid the balance of $145.10, and all was good—at the time, Manager must have applied the correct amounts to record each invoice as being paid in full. Only today when I go into the Purchase Invoices tab, I see the invoices up the top again, one saying overdue, the other saying overpaid. I’ll see if I can sort it out manually…

Okay, wasn’t too hard to fix up. I went back into the payment and saw that it had no invoice specified in the optional invoice field. So I split the payment over the two invoices manually, applying the positive payment of $193.15 to the one, and the negative amount of -$48.05 to the other. Now both invoices say ‘Paid in full’ again.

What you saw was old behavior of Manager being more aggressive in automatic allocation of payments. Now it is less so as described in the link earlier in the topic. You have solved things correctly. However, the original course of action should have been to enter a debit note rather than a negative purchase invoice. Financial effect was the same, but with a debit note, all amounts would have been entered as positive numbers.

Thanks Tut.

Same as mine now. My purchase invoice is overpaid but in supplier account payable is 0.

The invoice CB308453 was raised for RM 186 on 13 May
You made a payment of RM 186 on 16 May
You recorded a Debit Note of RM 128 on 14 May which was probably applied to the oldest invoice