Sales invoices displayed uneven

I just updated 1-year-old version manager data to the latest version. all things displayed correctly but in the sales Invoice tab, all sequence is uneven, there are three main category

  1. Overpaid (Which is not available in my previous old version)
  2. Overdue
  3. Paid in Full

Some customers are paid in a single entry for two different invoices issued to them. One displayed overpaid and the other one displayed overdue.
Please solve this. As per me Paid in full and overdue this two option was good enough.
default sequence will be prefered by starting with overdue or by the date of the invoice.

Only you can solve this. If you posted a receipt for two invoices to a single invoice, it will now be overpaid. And the other will be unpaid. In you very old version of the program, overpayments were automatically applied to unpaid invoices, but they became lost that way. There are two ways to fix this:

  • Correct the receipt, entering two line items posted to the two invoices, or
  • Leave the invoice number blank and let Manager allocate automatically.

If you do the latter, you will probably see other problems because of how old your transactions are. You will have rolling overpayments and underpayments. Read this Guide:

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