Sales Invoice Issue After Update

Recently purchased new PC and downloaded and installed Manager (20.2.27 ??) .

Backed up data file from old PC (16.12.55) and Added businesses on new PC.

I now have a series of Sales Invoices that are showing as either Overpaid, or Overdue.

All invoices are in fact paid, and I have no outstanding debtors - I guess if I add all the Overpaid & Overdue the result will be nil, but how to match them up, and how did this happen??

the issue is because you are updating Manager from a nearly four year old version and there have been a lot of changes and added features.

you can correct this by editing all your Receipts and removing the invoice numbers selected from the line item. this will allow Manager to automatically allocate the receipts to the oldest overdue invoices.

if you have a lot of transactions then you can do a Batch Update available at the bottom of the Receipts & Payments tab. then delete all data under the column Lines.Invoice
read the guide on batch operations Use Batch Create and Batch Update functions | Manager

OK thanks - I’ll give that a go.

I too had an issue with under/over payments some time ago but my problem was down to not allocating the transaction to a particular invoice/s and letting the system auto allocate.

To rectify I allocated the transaction to the particular invoice/s.

@Monman, I would suggest make a backup first then check if the transaction was auto allocated or not.
Please give your findings as it may help users who haven’t updated the program for some time.

I think 4 years is beyond “some time” - I understand users do not want to update every day or week, but they should be encouraged to update on a regular basis - every 3-6 months at least via a message or reminder. But then this isn’t a totalitarian society (yet :wink:) so I suppose we will have to continue with topics such as this

Very true @Joe91, I tend to update when I know I have a few days free incase of any issues and have time, my last update seems like yesterday but is 4 months ago, how time flys!

You said version 16.12.55 which is 4 years not 4 months old

He didn’t say 16.12.55 :roll_eyes:

I’m hearing you @itmoto - I’m firmly against auto allocation of Debtor invoices on a number of different levels, although in most instances the receipts have been auto- allocated.

@sharpdrivetek - had a quick play with the batch update procedure.
A number of impressions:-
1/. Can I suggest the HowTo/Tutorial for the use of the batch process would be next to useless for anyone without considerable experience in data manipulation.
2/. Data appearing in the spreadsheet is unrecognizable - eg Bank Account “Bank SA” becomes “ba1db606-4119-4af3-99bb-f6cc5bbbe449” !!!
3/. Once I’d deleted all the Lines.Invoice data for Receipts, and copied back to Manager, it has not solved the issue of unallocated invoices/receipts

This may help How to batch import in manager - #11 by Patch

Thanks Patch - I’ll muse over that over a coffee tomorrow - certainly not the simplistic export out/manipulate/export in procedure led to believe in the ‘How To’ …

First post

OK - so any other ideas on how I can get these allocated??

It isn’t clear what list that screen came from

Can you drill down on from the customer balance account which will show a list of the invoices and payments in chronological order?

You may have to re-allocate the payments to specific invoices or delete and re-enter them so that the automatic allocation work correctly

Yes, you can; and yes, that’s true. Depending on what you are updating, the process can be quite simple. But it can also be impenetrable.

Indeed. These are UUID’s and are not unique to bank accounts. They also appear for customers, suppliers, employees, tax codes, and other things. The simple fact is that batch operations are not for the inexperienced. Nor are they necessary to accomplish any task. Everything they can do can be done by straightforward manual editing.

You should not have expected that to have any effect on overpayments or overdue statuses. That information is unrelated.

Read this Guide for ideas: Resolve overpaid status on sales invoices | Manager. Based on what you have shown, I think automatic allocation of all your payments will create more problems than it solves. Every one of your overpaid sales invoices is the result of a deliberate allocation of a receipt to that invoice (possibly after an auto-allocation, but always as a result of a deliberate allocation). Overpayment can never be initially caused by auto-allocation. Since you prefer direct allocation anyway, your recovery process will be to View the overpaid invoices and look at the mini-statements at the bottom (a new feature with your update). This will show you exactly which receipts were applied. Then you can allocate those. If everything is truly in balance as you say, when you finish this process you will have no overpaid or overdue invoices.

Cheers Tut - I’ll give that a crack.

Thanks for your patience …

Finally got time to get back to this today.

I’ve got x3 Business’s running in Manager - the invoice allocation issue as a result of upgrading appearing in all 3 databases.

I found the most simplistic method to correct the issue was to run the Customers screen by each individual Debtor, sorting by status, then screen dumping the result.

Then process what I’d call an allocation adjustment Journal for each status line of Overpaid and Overdue, resulting of course in a zero total Journal.

Voila - all fixed.

And Tut’s spot on - the suggestion that deleting all Invoice Numbers from receipts and thinking Manager would ‘Autoallocate’ failed miserably, and resulted in a “dog’s breakfast”.