Problem with reports

Goodmorning to you all
Just now i realized that the balances i get in payable and receivable reports are not correct (not the same as the balances in suppliers or customers lists). As I use greek languange, i’m not sure about the accurate names of the reports, but i 'm sure you understand what my problem is. Any thoughts?

You need to post some screenshots of the reports and/or screen displays.

Are you sure that the reports are all reporting the situation as of the same date?

don’t know how i can post a screenshot

What version of manager are you using - Desktop, Cloud, Server - on what platform - Windows, Linux, iOS?

Please check for example the balances of “Αϊδινης Γιάννης…” and “Αϊδίνης Φρατζέσκος…” . In the list of balances you see 8663.48 and 2693.68 while in the report you see -100 and -57.05. These last amounts are the first entry i put and when i click on th amount i only see that first entry…

It would appear that the Aged Balances report (the 2nd one) is from a backup of your business dated 6th Feb 2018 or 2nd June 2018

Is the first one a copy from the same business? As the screen shot does not show the full screen it is impossible to say

Also could you click on the -8,683 and post the result here

I think the problem is that the Aged Receivables Report only shows invoices (and perhaps opening balances)

They are from the same business. there is no opening balance in these accounts. And surely in reports there not only invoices shown but money given in advance as well.

@Joe91 is right. The Aged Receivables report only includes receivables; that is, it only includes open sales invoices. It does not reflect other credits. Accountants disagree on the proper content of an aging report and whether it must match the Accounts receivable total balance or not. If you search the forum on that subject you will find this has been discussed many times.

The Aged Receivables report definitely does not account for advance deposits.

Thank you all for your help. I’ll check again my entrances and try to figure out how to make it look properly.

This is not a matter of making it “look properly.” Manager’s design is that only sales invoices will show on the Aged Receivables report. This means the total on the report does not necessarily match the balance for the customer in Accounts receivable. That is not an error. It is what the report is designed to show—that is, receivables. If you want something that shows total status of a customer’s account, use a Customer Statement.