Difference of aged receivables

When i check aged receivables report there is some customer balance and when check in customers list there is no receivable against that customer why is there so difference?

The aged receivables report is always as at specific date.

When you look at list of customers under Customers tab, the figures are result of all transactions entered in Manager.

So the difference is that aged receivables doesn’t include all transactions (this is common if you are generating historical aged receivables report)

actually when i generate new invoice against that customer there is some amount already paid, which is actual problem

It sounds like they had a credit already.

Try going to ‘Customers’ tab, and then under the ‘Accounts receivable’ column click on the link (it might be a currency amount, or it might be a hyphen).

You will then see a screen showing all of the invoices you have issued to them, and all of the payments they have made against ‘Accounts receivable’ account. See if this helps you to understand the problem.

This is the relevant guide: https://www.manager.io/guides/10355

If you’re still uncertain, please post a screenshot of that page here.

here it is hyphen abut in aged receivables there is amount
account is for cash sale

Without seeing your accounts in detail, I can tell you there are several problems:

  • You don’t seem to be issuing delivery notes for the Cash Sale customer. You have 2,439 items to deliver.
  • You are entering sales to the Cash Sales customer incorrectly somehow in your workflow, because you have a negative aged receivables balance.
  • From your description, you have amounts being automatically credited against sales invoices. This is happening because you are mixing multiple cash sale customers together. So money paid by one is being applied to a sales invoice for another.

Sales invoices for cash customers are usually a poor idea because they require more transactions to be entered. A cash receipt is usually a better idea. See this Guide: https://www.manager.io/guides/7321.

Delivery notes are often unnecessary, but when you use them, you must use them on all invoices. See this Guide: https://www.manager.io/guides/10676. Pay particular attention to the Caution at the end.

You also have several tabs you are not using. They should be disabled.