Aged receivables and payables not updating on payments

My creditors listing and debtors listing is not updating and it remains with a high figure when the prints are done but the accounts payable general ledger in balance sheet updates.

Can you post some screenshot? Or make backup of your accounting file and send it to

As far as the program goes, it’s impossible to have balance for Accounts receivable or Accounts payable updated on balance sheet without making impact to balance of any debtor or creditor.

Just keep in mind, when comparing figures, balance sheet is as at custom date while amounts under Customers or Suppliers tab are always as at current date.

I have noticed that I now have customers on the aged receivables, even though they have paid in full, when I click on them in aged receivables it shows as fully paid.

Reports are a snapshot when you run them. If you saved a prior one make sure you run a new report or edit it and click update if trying to re-run and update for the same dates.