PDF email attachment garbled

I have upgraded to this desktop version today
tried to send the invoice with email as I usually do and the pdf attachment is unreadable

If I export the invoice in pdf is shown ok and sent it manually through my email


tried to install previous version but now it’s not compatible with my company file.
Please help

I suspect there is a character in your invoice which is causing this issue. Any chance you could send your accounting file to my email lubos@manager.io ? If I can reproduce this issue locally, I will be able to fix it.


I just upgraded Manager (Server Edition) to version 18.9.60 and I have the same problem with reports (I tried profit and loss statement).
The only way I can get a readable report is by using the Print button. The PDF button and the emailing function give me the same unreadable document.
Tried on 3 different businesses with the same result.

I’m using Manager in French. I guess it might be caused by some “é” or “è” used in French.

It was working perfectly with the previous version (but I did not update Manager for a few months).

just sent you a backup copy of my company at your email

Hi @lubos
following up on the problem to inform you the following:
PDF is created ok and seen ok on my laptop. Using Linux Mint 18.3
The problem rises when it comes to email.
I am using google smtp from manager to send the attachments; the pdf gets garbled after it is sent through email.
I also tried to send the invoice after I saved it as pdf in my laptop; same problem again in this case.
To be most certain, I tried to send the invoice pdf through office365 mail server. The problem again is the same.

So something is being done when the invoice is attached in an email.

Hope this information may help you better to understand and isolate the problem

see font properties in the pdf with the latest version:

and see the fonts used in the pdf with the previous version which was ok:

I tend to believe that the problem lies in the change of fonts
In my screenshots above, the previous (good) version was with Type 1 fonts while the last version PDFs are with TTF…
Suggest you check this out

Almost a similar problem but with regard to the logo …

When I take a report or print, I get:

However, when I click the PDF button or email (in the attachment), the logo gets messed up. See below:

In this case, it’s an image file and has nothing to do with the font. :confused:

Manager Server 18.9.81 on Ubuntu Server unable to email or PDF.

Below error when attempting to email.

Cannot not generate PDFs

Below error when attempted to PDF

@Paparazzi @compuit can you try the latest version (18.9.82) to see if it fixes the issue?

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Will do … OK Version 18.9.82 tested back to normal for Email and PDF generation. Thank you.

tried to modify the plain theme by setting font to Arial
it seems that the program accepted my change only for company name which now appears correctly in the pdf
the properties of the pdf output now show

What we have here is Arial TTF (CID) and Arial Bold TTF (without the CID)

I am almost convinced that here’s the problem, the (CID) version of TTF which I told you @Lubos, what do you think?

I have installed the latest version (18.9.83) on a windows machine, loaded my company and sent email with pdf invoice.
It works fine!
So @lubos it is clear now that the problem is on Linux version? Hope this helps

Works well now! Thank you!

@lubos I believe that I found a solution to the problem in Linux…
I will post comments for it later

@nichri that’s great to hear. I’m curious what you came up with.

I need to convert all PDF to word file. Looking for a reliable software. But not sure which one would be best for me. Thanks!

@Matheewe, your question has nothing to do with Manager. Please limit discussion on this forum to the Manager application.

sorry for the delay in posting.
I took the default theme (practically any theme should work) and added code “font-family:Nimbus Roman” in all table codes. FYI this font is included in Linux default fonts and it’s Type 1 font.

When I issue a pdf document, it switches font to Helvetica, Type 1 font which is readable (tested successfully) in any windows or linux machine. It was sent through email successfully