Problem with automatic crediting against sales invoice

Hi, the update is great, but i’m having problem as amount is being automatically credited once the invoice is made, but in cash account the credited amount shows 0/- credited. Then i Receive money and receivable is 0/- so i have to put the amount manually in the receipt which was previously being taken automatically from the invoice what ever amount was receivable. Can you please fix the issue asap as there are new invoices to be made whose amount is not credited in account. but it will show amount credited already

or if I’m missing anything?

I’ve moved your post to a new topic, because it has nothing to do with release of theme options.

Your sales invoice was automatically credited because the customer (Walk In Sale, in this case) had a negative balance in Accounts receivable. That should never have happened for a walk-in customer, indicating that you have entered other transactions incorrectly.

Sales invoices have no interaction with cash accounts. They only debit Accounts receivable for the customer specified. A separate Receive money transaction must be recorded when the invoice is paid to credit Accounts receivable and debit a cash account.

I recommend reading and understanding these two Guides:

And please, stop hijacking topics for unrelated questions.