Amount Credited

I am creating a new invoice. Somehow I started to see an amount credited automatically of 153.33.
Not sure why is bringing it. Need help - please.

That means the customer has an unallocated credit, which Manager applies automatically against the next sales invoice. Drill down on the customers Accounts receivable balance to find that transaction. Corrective action depends on what the transaction is.

One of the customer has returned the products to us. We have created a credit note and also gave the money back to the customer.
now it is showing that customer has overpaid $1000/.

I was hoping to see that the software will show the adjustment of the total amount and also -ve that amount from the earnings.

How can we resolve this issue?

The software will do what you want if the transactions are entered correctly. When you refunded the money to the customer, did you follow the instructions in the last section of this Guide:

Hi Tut,

Is there a way to not show this credit in next Invoice ?

Ankit Dawda

If you are referring to automatically applied customer credit, see this Guide: Manager Cloud. The automatic credit is applied only when a previous receipt has been applied to the customer’s Accounts receivable balance without designating a specific sales invoice. So you will need to find the receipt that was not allocated to another invoice and edit it so it is. Very likely, that could make the other invoice Overpaid. For more about that, see this Guide: Manager Cloud.

You cannot, however, just make the notation on the invoice go away, because Manager is performing allocations with the money.

Thank You.

In my case, the customer has made an advance payment which i have correctly segregated to his receivables account. Now when i create the next Invoice, i do not want to put the details of his advance payment.

all i need to share with customer at year end is customer transaction statement. so i do not want to show customers outstanding or credit balances on my invoices.

for example in below snapshot, i do not want “Less: Bank Receipt - 01/06/2018…” part to be displayed on my invoice.

is there a way to remove this from Invoice ?

I am currently using 18.4.46 desktop edition. do i need to update ?

you will have to use a custom theme.
if you are not familiar with coding please hire a local programmer to do it for you.

you may find the below useful.


thank you very much. it indeed was more than useful.
my problem is solved.