Problem in uploading attachments

when trying to upload attachment to invoice , Manager breaks down
version 21.1.18

What edition, version, and operating system? What do you mean by “breaks down?” Exactly what triggers a breakdown? Is there any error message? If so, post a screen shot.

The same for me. I work in mac. Look the file attached Screenshot 2021-01-12 at 2.48.15 PM|690x264](upload://aTF6f3mcDTwI0jQtWlakm86XZi4.png)

Same questions for you, @Anita1. I cannot duplicate this problem.

I am using the version 21.1.18 on mac os 11.1.
I open manager, i can register but whenever i want to attach a document , manager simply breaks down.
I uploaded the file in the cloud and i started a trial . it works perfectly. I did a backup, i downloaded it and i tried to import a new business starting from the backup. Manager breaks down just redaing the file.
Probably i will stay in the cloud anyway but it would be interesting understanding why manager breaks down with this file.

@FrancescoM the issue has been fixed in version 21.1.20 so I suggest to upgrade.