Import new business not working on Mac

I am using a Manager 16.4.48 on my mac. I am Trying to import a business (.manager) file, but its unable to select the file. What to do?


Perhaps there was a temporary bug that has been fixed. (I don’t know.) But it works properly on version 16.4.50, so try updating. Be sure that after selecting the file, you actually click the button to import the business.

I updated the app as you suggested. I am still facing the same issue. Please find attached some screenshots for reference.

App version - 16.4.53 on mac

Import backup page -

Browse file > Select File > Open

After clicking on open, it still shows “No file is selected”

I think the problem may lie with how you created the backup file. Your 2nd screen shot shows Lorem.manager to be a “Document.” I believe it should show it to be a “Manager Document.” So when you select it, Manager doesn’t recognize it as a suitable file type. What was the exact procedure you used to create that backup and put it where it currently is?

Also, if you navigate in Finder to the backup file and Get Info, what does it show under “Open with?”

I think this is something to do with Safari.

Try this. Create new business, go to Settings, then Business Logo and try to select a picture to set as your business logo. Does that work?

I had created that backup file from manager itself on another system (UBUNTU 16.04LTS - import business is working fine on this). Even if i create a new business on my mac, backup it up and then try to import it, it fails.

In Get info, the open with fields shows none. Image attached for reference.

Tried that, same issue. I guess all the file upload fields are not working on mac. Working fine on ubuntu though.

Try changing the Open with field to Manager.

This was a bug. Should be fixed in the latest version.

Great! Thanks for the support!