Attachment file not opening

Dear Manager programmers
The attachment tabs are not functioning at all, you can only attach a file
in your sales invoice, sales quote, orders etc.
You can also delete an attachment but you cant open to view the attached file.
Please assist. Below is screenshot for easier understanding.

No problem here with v22.10.31.476 in a Docker container.

What edition (Cloud, Desktop, Server) and version of Manager are you using?

What Operarting System?

Have you installed a pdf reader (Adobe Reader for example) and linked it to pdf files?

Please it has been working since.
Only today i realized its not working. This desktop version

@lubos please assist this

You haven’t answered my questions - no one, not even lubos, can help unless you do

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I’m not able to reproduce the issue. Can you try another computer if you can reproduce it elsewhere?