Problem importing CSV bank statement

When importing my bank csv it’s giving me one column in Excel with all date names and transfers. Could anyone give an example of an excel sheet which names en colums i shoud create to make a working import sheet?

Thx in advance!

you have two options

1- download the bank transaction in *.qif, *.ofx, *.qfx, *.qbo, format
2- To use the CSV file, you may have to prepare it first into minimum three of these headings. (Date, Amount, Description)

You can use the Excel “Text to Columns” tab if needed. and then save it as CSV

Thanks for your reply!
I made the colums in Excel and renamed the colums to Date Reference
Description and Amount. When hitting next all is showend except the Amount colum?
Any ideas?

@Hanno, you need to illustrate your actions with screen shots. A vague verbal description of a spreadsheet problem does not allow anyone to help.

I have also moved your question to a new topic. It was not related to the suggestion in the ideas category on changing the method for importing statements.

Oke, just as mentioned a made an little excel “test” sheet to see if copy and past is working for importing bank statements. The Amount column will not be shown when trying to importExcel sheet

After hitting “next” only the date column shows up.

Your CSV file must be in the format specified in the Guide.

Oke, now i understand. You must use the headlines provided for the spreadsheet. I thought i could use the headlines as mentioned in the guide. I think they are only for csv creation.
Thanks, all works fine now!