Import statement problem

I am trying to import a bank statement in csv format. I usually download in another format, but this particular bank only offers csv format downloads. I successfully imported one file having edited the column headings so that Manager could read the data. I repeated exactly the same procedure with a second file (into a different account) but Manager is not seeing any transactions. It reports 0 transactions in the file, 0 transactions already imported and 0 transactions to import. Any ideas?

Hi @crispjl,

You need to provide more information such as:

  • Version and Edition of Manager
  • Screenshots of the import screen

You also need to confirm that this “error” isn’t due to trying to import the same statement twice:

Please confirm that all of the transactions have not already been imported


No I haven’t managed to import any statements into this bank account yet. Thanks for your help.

That’s strange.

However, the screenshot says that there’s 0 transactions in the file to begin with.

Please share the file you’re trying to import. In case you don’t want to share it in the public forum, you can PM me.

It seems I can’t share the file itself but here is a screenshot of the top section of it including column headings.

There are some errors in your file.

  1. Check if the date is in the date format that you use in Manager.
  2. You need to delete the balance column.
  3. Type will be ignored by Manager so you need to delete that as well.
  4. I would also reformat the Amount table by removing the currency symbol and make it purely a number value.
  5. Consider moving the reference column next to the date column.
  6. [Added for completeness based on @Ealfardan post below, also remove any title rows and only have the header row on top. Ensure you safe as CSV file.]

Note that the standard CSV header sequence of Manager is Date, Reference, Description and Amount. The Amount column nowadays also can be split into a Credit and a Debit column.

Also make sure that by importing you select the right CSV delimiter (, or tab, etc. until it looks fine).

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Great. Thanks. I’ll give that a go…

I’m not very familiar with Macs that much but in addition to what @eko just mentioned, it looks like you have a title on your first row.

You should delete the title as well to make sure that your headers are the first row of your file.

Also, make sure that you save your file in .csv format and not as a spreadsheet.

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Yes that worked. Thanks v much for your help.