CSV statements import issue

First of all I would like to congratulate you and your team for developing such a productive software. I am trying to to create my small company banking base.

But i encountered an issue. My bank is CITI BANK INDIA and it says several errors during importing… However I did read all whats Manager recognizes from the statement. In the forum its mentioned that the manager recognizes payee, description amount reference and Date… how ever my citi bank statement is in excel csv format as per requirements but has values as DATE DESCRIPTION WITHDRAWAL DEPOSITS AND AMOUNT.

Can you please help how I can import my statement successfully.

If you are importing in CSV format, you need to rename columns before importing to match what Manager expects.

Which format is it?
Can not found it.
Can you give us real expected format.
what format for:
-needed column
-account vs expense

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So confused.
I am migrating from gnucash here.

Check http://guides.manager.io/businesses/bank-accounts/importing-bank-statements

The list of columns is at the end of the article.

@lubos the article link is dead

disregard, found something here:

Most links older than 8 months are dead. Here is the replacement:

Thanks @Tut

My bank’s CSV only prints:

date, amount, description, balance

does that mean it’s a no go for me?

Apparently not.

I only used date, amount and balance. It worked, although my description field is a bit messed up because the bank didn’t delineate the description and payee. But I can work with that.

I might manually edit that in the future

Thanks for the link @tut

Hi Lubos, this link is not working anymore, do you have an updated one please?

I cannot import my csv and do not know what names the columns should be.

Thank you.

Click on Guides in the top menu, then How to…, and look under Cash Accounts.

Thank you.