Importing to bank/cash account via paste from Excel (Suggestion)

The only way today to import to a bank account is through several different file formats. I have to open all my bank statement in excel and create them in the way manager wants them. Then I have to export to a .csv file to be able to import to a bank account. If I need to import to a cash account I need to covert it to a bank account first and then convert it back to a cash account.

  1. I would like to be able to copy my data from excel and paste into manager with the required Manager columns, regarding importing to bank accounts. Similar to what I can do for currency.

  2. Be able to import the same way directly into a cash account.

Can this be done in Manager?

This will speed up the workflow and save time.

Thanks for a great program.

Yeah, I will be actually removing CSV import and replacing it with copy/pasting from spreadsheet as you have described.

Almost everybody is doing this workflow so it’s pretty pointless to force users saving to CSV if you can just copy/paste spreadsheet. Not to mention, having CSV import option in Manager just gives people false impression it is what they should be downloading from their banking site which often offers far better alternatives such as OFX or QIF etc.

That sounds great. When do you think this be implemented?

Hi Lubos Has pasting text from excel for bank accounts been implemented?

As it is still an idea the answer is no, but have you tried batch create. The exact format is most easily determined by looking at batch update

Batch Operations: Use Batch Create and Batch Update functions

No I haven’t I’ll have a look. Thanks.

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