Print to PDF, XPS or Printer error, Page 1 and 3 are blank

Hi. I’m running the newer version of Manager 16.8.91 on Windows 7. Everything works okay, up until when I try to print any Sales Quote that is more than one page long. It appears there is an error since the PDF comes out as 3 pages only ( regardless of the length of the quote ) and the first and last pages are always blank. Only page 2, which is supposed to be page one, has content. This happens whether I try to print to PDF or XPS or directly to the printer. I tried creating the busines from sctatch as well as importing from backup ( which wirked fine on previous versions )and still get the same error.
Any assistance will be apreciated.

This is a known issue and I’m pretty sure will get some attention in due course. For now, the recommended solution is to email the invoice to yourself, and then it will print out fine.

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I hope this issue gets fixed promptly. I only updated the program because i had to install the latest one on my laptop so to match I had to upgrade this one. Its now caused more issues for me then having been stuck on the 15.2 version which i had working great. The update wiped out all my terms and conditions on all my quotes and invoices and now I have the added extra work of emailing myself the invoices and quotes so I can save it properly or so I hope… And I can’t use the program email cause you still can’t attach any other documents especially photos. I was looking into purchasing the cloud vs but if these things can’t be fixed i may just have to go to xero. The PDF issue seems to only be affecting my invoices not my quotes FYI.

A solution is to “print to PDF” using operating system or 3rd-party applications. Mac OS X, for example, has this built in. In Windows you may need to download some app, but many are free. That way, you are not trying to generate the file from within Manager. An advantage to an external PDF is that you can append your images to it before emailing.

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Hi Tut, thanks for the reply,
I understand that Adobe changed their policy and that now the Print to PDF plugin is only available with purchased products, that is why I had Adobe Acrobat XI Pro ever since. But if you read carefully through my query, I clearly state that the issue is that the content that Manager provides to the Printer plugins has an error, since I still get the same results regardless of whether I print to PDF, XPS, or directly to my Hp Desktop printer. I still get 3 pages, where page one is completely blank, page 2 has what is supposed to be on page 1 and page 3 is completely blank. This happens whenever I try to print anything that is more than two pages long.

What I would recommend for now is if the team at Manager could

  1. Review this issue with Manager Version 16.8.91 on Windows 7.
  2. Introduce an archive section on your web page that will include older versions of Manager. This will allow users to pick and chose which version we would like to work with, and serve as a recovery option whenever an updated version fails or has errors.

Understand that I am a user, not part of the developer’s staff. But I strongly doubt you will see either of your suggestions acted upon. The path has been relentlessly forward. It would be up to you to archive older versions as part of your updates. And v16.8.91 is already old by Manager’s standards.

I am printing to pdf using nitro pdf but the invoices are appearing with 2 blank pages one at the start and at the end.

Hi Tut,
Sorry for the oversight and thanks for the heads up about the version. I just updated to Manager 16.9.28, just 10 min ago, which is the latest version on their website right now and I am still getting the same error I was getting earlier, similar to what SunsetRM is getting.

I honestly think it would be helpful if the team tried to keep the older versions, or at least create a section/link for the last working version that was acceptable, whenever they release an update. This will give users a fall back option whenever the newer version has issues and allow them time to correct it.

Also I’d like to know Tut, have you tried printing a quote that is more than 2 pages long on Manager 16.9.28? Please try and see if you’ll get better results, any help will be appreciated.

I’m not even going to try, @adam. The developer has long ago acknowledged there are PDF issues and says plans are afoot to improve an internal PDF generator. Meanwhile, some users have success emailing documents to themselves and going from there. Your platform seems to have a lot to do with this, as may the edition (desktop, cloud, etc.). Possibly browser settings do, too. No matter what, I’m not going to be able to help you resolve this.

I am Using 16.9.33 version. Have Windows7 operating system. Print option not working in my installed desktop version of Manager.
Any help?

Read the thread.

I already read whole thread, but no help. When i click on print option, there are nothing happening… it just stop for 2-3 sec. but nothing happen… I manage things with mailing the files. But for direct print…, its very helpful to me if print option work correctly in software. If any other setting needed in my PC then please tell.

The entire point of this thread, as well as many others you can find on this topic on the forum, is that there are some problems with printing and PDFs for which there are currently no solutions.

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