Sales Quotes Form Creating pdf

When creating a Sales Quotes Form in pdf, so sales quotes forms are not generated on complete pdf pages. For example if this form consists of six (06) pages, so approximately two pages are created in pdf. Please guide on this issue.

Dear @ahafeez,
You have not provided enough information to help us assist you.

Please provide the following information, at minimum:

  1. Version and Edition of Manager
  2. Operating system and browser info
  3. Screenshots of the view and edit screens of Sales Quote involved
  4. The method used to generate pdf – is it PDF or Print buttons
  5. Screenshot of the pdf output
  1. Cloud version
  2. Intel(R) Core™ i5-5200U CPU @ 2.20GHz 2.20 GHz
    RAM: 8.00 GB; 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor;
    Windows 10 Pro; version 21H2;
  3. Screenshots of the view and edit screens of Sales Quote is attached.
  4. Used method is pdf button. you will also see a screenshot of the two pdf pages file, while this file consists of six pages. The same file we generated through print button and see screenshot of “total 06 pages of this form” .
    Please note email auto generated file have a same behavior.

The internal PDF generator is an obsolete feature and is no longer supported. It remains in the program because it works for some users’ situations. So you will not see any action by the developer to improve it. Use the print-to-pdf function of your operating system.

You are also attempting to use Manager more like a word processor than an accounting program. It is not clear whether you are using blank lines or just large amounts of content within a single Description field. But pagination on PDFs when there are large content blocks is always difficult. Honestly, you will probably have better success and fewer problems in the future if you abbreviate your sales quotes and attach separate word processing files.

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Also, this isn’t a problem specific to Manager but more like a general problem with printing html table cells spanning multiple pages.

I too consider this to be the best solution:

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