When I print, I sometimes get a blank page first, then the document


When I use the “PDF” button in Manager to print a report and then print that report using PDFprogram, I get the report as is, one or more pages, depending on the report. Perfect.

BUT : When I use the “PRINT” button to print a Manager report , I always get a first blank page, then the report with one or more pages.

This only happens with Manager prints, I don’t have the problem with other programs when I print. So I don’t think it’s printer-related (HP MFP M176n laserjet).

I use the standard plain theme in manager, so it’s not theme related either.

Anybody had the same issue, and how did you solve this ?

Not really a big problem, I just have a box next to the printer to save the empty pages :slight_smile:


Search the forum before starting new topics. This has been discussed many times.

Hi Tut,

I searched with blank page and blank separately and only topics I find are those stated to use PDF generation first, then print the PDF.

I found this out by myself (see my original topic), but this is only a longer way (generate PDF, then print instead of just printing) to obtain what should be available with print.

So sorry if I don’t find the actual post stating the solution, but telling me that this topic has been discussed many times doesn’t bring either a solution, or perhaps there is not a solution and PDF printing is the answer.

There isn’t a solution. You found the relevant discussions. The PDF button puts things under Manager’s control. When you use the Print button, you are at the mercy of your operating system and printer drivers. That option was actually removed from the program a while back. It was only returned because so many complained. The only thing the developer feels he can take any responsibility for is the PDF approach.

Remember, there are multiple operating systems involved and the possibility of many different browsers for the server and cloud editions. Plus 70 languages, some with unique character/alphabet sets.

You should probably get used to printing the PDF.

Yes, and this generic statement “When you use the print button” equally applies to literally 1000’s of computer programmes, yet few if any of these programmes seem to have this same issue.

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That’s because most are not browsers, and therefore are not generating HTML that has to be converted to some other format for printing.

ok, we can all agree on the following :

  • generating a pdf from a report results in printing the report correctly, without a first blanc page.
  • clicking on “print” when viewing a report may result in strange printer behaviour.

Although I understand the implications of printing a html report, I don’t have the same problem when :

  • I’m in my online banking, look at a statement, can even click on a line to get more detail and when I click on the print statement button, I get a perfect printout, without blank pages, and that’s also generated from a html page

Possible solution :

Why not change the “print” button behaviour in Manager as follows :

“Print” will generate a PDF which automatically will be opened by the pdf program, then you simply print the PDF document (you don’t save a copy on disk)

This is different from what the PDF button does : push PDF button and manager does not open the document as a PDF, but forces you to save it first to disk.


@XaltPay, what you suggest is how things worked until very recently. But many users complained that PDFs had file names generated by Manager that were unintelligible. To remedy that, the PDF button now puts you through your operating system’s file-naming routine, forcing the file to be saved before printing. That would have been a simpler problem to resolve if the application were not designed to work with multiple operating systems.

Personally, I preferred the auto-opening PDF, which was easily printed without saving. It did not bother me to use the Save As command to rename the file on those few occasions when I wanted to save a PDF. I believe there are few situations for saving PDFs, because you can always recreate the document. I would rather make sure the application data file is well backed up than store copies of transactions in various places.

Totally agree with you Tut, not easy to have 100% happy users : Those who want a correct name for a generated PDF and those who don’t see the need to save a PDF file.

I can live with printing a blank first page :slight_smile:

Perhaps time to also thank you personally for all the effort you put into answering the questions of the manager program users.

Keep up the good work and have a good weekend

It can easily solved with two different buttons.

Some businesses are required to keep record copies of each document ISO 9000/9001, and this save function forces integrity to keep records saved … just requires a little discipline on folder structure for the different reports for easy backup.

Agree there should be a quick print without bugs for other users who don’t need to save records.

I know of no standard specifically requiring printed or PDF versions of documents. Electronic records allowing reconstruction and production of any transaction record, which Manager maintains, should be adequate.

Can you cite any such ISO standard?

I’m Italy by law you should keep all the invoices printed on paper in a place declared to the authorities or archived in pdf in a certified digital repository which grants that you cannot edit them.