Can't figure out how to print

Maybe I’m just not looking hard enough, but how can I print out all my info? It’s running on a Mac.

What do you mean by printing “all your info”? You can only print specific pages out of Manager which are designed for printing (invoices, quotes, orders, reports etc.)

Are you looking to print out something specific?

Thanks for replying, and yes, I want to print out all the account information I’ve logged in - money in, money out, transfers, etc. There doesn’t seem to to be a ‘print’ option anywhere that I can find.

I have been just using the right click on the mouse and then click on print!!

I have entered almost a year’s worth of information into Manager and I want to share this with my accountants; first off, if I back up it will only let me use *.manager, which creates an unreadable file and second, if I want to print there seems to be no way I can. All of which means that I have a lot of info trapped in the program that I can’t get out. Any answers? As I think I said before, I’m on a Mac.

Any assistance gratefully received.

What do you mean .manager file is unreadable? It contains all your accounting data which your accountant can import into his version of Manager (whether he is using desktop/cloud/server or Windows, Mac, Linux).

So why your accountant doesn’t install Manager too?

Any report can be printed out through Print button and any tabular data can be exported to CSV file by clicking Export button in bottom-right corner.

OK, firstly, if I click the ‘backup’ button, this creates a file on my desktop called ‘MarksWorks.manager’; I figured if I can’t print, then at least I could send my accountant the file and they could install Manager and use the info. But if I then try and open that file I get a message saying that Manager cannot open files of this type.

Second, in the section called ‘Bank accounts’, where all my data has been input, there is no ‘print’ feature, or any ‘export’ button in the bottom right-hand corner. Am I doing something wrong here?

Have a look at Manager Cloud which shows how to restore .manager file in Manager.

Currently you can’t export all your bank transactions at once, you need to do it per bank account. Under Bank accounts tab, you need to click on each bank account and then use Export button in bottom-right corner.