Can't print any screen and how do you email?

OK silly questions but I’m stumped. I tried to print out one of the reports/screens I need for further entries but when I try to Command-P (MAC), nothing at all happens. I don’t get any errors or anything. And I’ve found no place that addresses printing. Its a printer that is networked and I use all the time. Do I have to add it to Manager? What am I missing? And I have a smart mouse so right click gives me back & reload as options, no print. I don’t want to screen print because this software seems smarter than that.

It seems that every report a person can run should be able to be printed, not just a select few. I tried an export but the info isn’t lined up in any way shape or form because its read by Text Edit. And the only export within that is a pdf which looks exactly the same.

And I added my email in the settings, to email myself the report I need, but I don’t know how to do that either. The Guide says this about email:
Emails provide log of emails sent from Manager. (Not really informative)

So I’m under the same assumption that only a few select reports can be emailed as well. Need some help here please.

You must click the Print button in the Manager window. You may not know it, but print-upon-Cmd-P is not an operating system function, but rather a shortcut that is built into applications. It doesn’t happen to be built into Manager.

Every report can be printed. But not every viewable screen is a report. All reports are accessed under the Reports tab. Other screens can be exported as .tsv (tab-separated values) files. A .tsv file can be imported into Excel. Then you can format and manipulate it however you desire. Remember, Manager is an accounting program, not a presentation program.

All reports can be emailed by clicking the Email button when viewing them. A pop-up box appears

OK I see that. But how do I print a drill-down within a report? I guess I’m asking if there is a way to print the accounts shown in the Summary screen? I need to look at everything in my Expense Claims account. That report gives me a summary. When I click on the various totals within that report, I would need to print those pages since they are tied to that particular report. And they are separate reports if you will and not one running account like in the Summary screen. How can I do that?

You can click Export button in bottom-right corner which will export all data to spreadsheet format and you can print it from there.

The reason why you can’t print list of transactions within drill-down report is because these views are paginated and could have many pages of data. It’s better if you export to spreadsheet and print from there (if it’s what you really want to do)

As I read your posts, @ksh, I keep getting the feeling that there is something specific you are trying to do. What is your goal? There is probably something within Manager that will support it better than printing long lists of transactions. One of the reasons to use a modern accounting program to free yourself from reams of paper. The onscreen features are much more helpful for finding mistakes, reconciling accounts, etc. Once you have your transactions squared away, you should be able to operate with a handful of standard accounting reports. There are, after all, good reasons accountants have settled on those over the centuries.

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