Printing Issue with 21.3.97

After clicking print tab… What to do ?

First, update your software. You are 100 versions behind.

Second, if you had searched the forum before posting, you could have discovered this is a known bug that affects some—but only some—Mac installations, primarily with older versions of the macOS. The developer is awaiting action by a third-party developer of software bundled with Manager. See crashes when creating pdf on MAC after installing Ver 21.1.23.

Meanwhile, right-click on any hyperlink in the Manager window and select “Open Link in New Window” to open a second instance of Manager in a browser. You should be able to perform all functions there, with data being saved to your regular data file.

My current Version is 21.3.97

Then please change the title of you post as it now reads “Printing Issue with 21.2.97”. It is also useful to explain which MacOS version you are using.

Mac os 10.13.6 High Sierra

Dear Manager Team I using this fantastic Software since more than 2 years But today’ Morning it was like hell so sorry but that’s true. with printing its like that i gun with no bullets… Everything is hampered because of this issue and unable to backup my data too.

I want very rapid Solution

You probably recently updated your Manager install and now face this problem on Mojave. Unfortunately it seems from the following discussion thread (click on the blue text) that the best solution is to upgrade Mojave to Catalina or latest. read this post in the forum on Mojave and back-up button