Manager keeps on quiting

Good morning ,

I have a brand new MacBook Pro (13-inch, M1, 2020) for three months now, but from last month the Manager desktop edition just bomb out, usually when I want to print (not all the time). Does any other client experience the same problem, as it is quite frustrating. I installed the newest version of Manager last week but still get the same problem, this morning it happened 3 times already, and even the Manager icon disappear from the dock, then I have to go back to applications and restart. I also deleted my email for login on the server/cloud edition by mistake, so I cannot work on that system anymore

Is there any setting incorrect on my machine?

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When you click Print button, On Mac, Manager will internally leverage Safari capabilities. So it could be something to do with Safari. Does it happen the moment you click Print button or do you get print preview and crash occurs after doing something within print preview?

As a workaround, you could navigate to http://localhost:55667 while Manager is running. This will open the program in a web-browser and should eliminate the crash. There is probably nothing I can do about it as the issue is likely in Mac OS X rather than in Manager itself.

Hi Lubos,

usually when I click on print. I will try your link, thank you very much.

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@Leo_Visser check your applications folder and open Manager from there. Check the installed version, if not the latest (check Download | Manager) download it, open the installer and drag and drop the file to the applications folder (replace any existing one) and open the application and check if it works now.

I do have the same hardware as you described. OS is Big Sur 11.5.2.
I am not able to reproduce your issues with the desktop version.