Printing An Invoice Item

Is there a way to have a printed Invoice show the Item Name? I have added the Description column, but Item is not shown on the printed document.

Item Name will be displayed only if you leave the Description field blank when creating inventory items.
this is already explained in the guide Create and manage inventory items | Manager
if you have use for both fields, then include the item name in the description field.


Tedious and inefficient, but thanks for clearing that up…

one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.
and I personally can assure you that it is a treasure for majority of users globally.


@InfoHunter, I am curious why you think this is tedious or inefficient. Tedious implies it is repetitive or boring. Inefficient suggests wasted effort. The program functions as intended, with contents of these particular fields on the inventory item definition form being used in the same way for years. Their purpose has been clearly explained in the Guides since the Guides were first developed. Both the item name and description need only be entered once. Where is the tedium or inefficiency?

First of all, let me apologize for any insult you may have taken from my comment. Manager is a very good program and I know there are a lot of users and designers who consider it their pride and joy. It seems my comment rubbed you and sharpdrivetek wrong and that was not my intention. I have the utmost respect for the work and helpful comments you consistently provide to me and the rest of the Manager community on this forum. Thank you, Tut.

To address your questions…

Tedious - Due to the accurate guidance I have received, the only way for me to show an Item with the Description is for me to add the Item to the Description. That will be tedious work for ME since I will need to update every item’s Description.

Inefficient - Said Item is already a part of the database and a default field for input on an Invoice. As such, it is inefficient that I have no option to simply show this information on the printout. The inefficiency is the need for me to redundantly input the same information twice if I want to show an item Description on the Invoice printout which automatically disallows the Item.

I just don’t understand why the Item would automatically be disregarded if I choose to have a Description. At the very least, it would be reasonable to have it as an additional checkbox in the Invoice options. That way, if I check the Description, then I can choose to have the Item, too. Recent updates have added a separate address field for convenience in regards to Customers. We now have both a Billing Address and a Shipping Address. This is great. It is more efficient, offers better options, and allows Manager to be more adaptive to the User’s needs for their bookkeeping. I believe my suggestion falls into a similar situation.

I am including two examples where an Item # is on an invoice in addition to a description. PayPal shows an invoice template that has the item # on a line above the description. The University of Arizona Financial Services Office example is VERY descriptive. Not only do they have an item # (Part) and description on the first line, they include A LOT more information. I have to say it is almost too busy and it is not what I am suggesting for Manager other than what I have already suggested. I’ll give them credit, they provide plenty of information for the customer on their invoice. Thanks for hearing me out on this issue.

It’s tedious to make corrections after using something wrong for long. But it gets better. Once you know how to use it, you just set it and forget it.

You’re still using it wrong. The whole idea of having item names is to use the item name as a prewritten description. You should fill your item name with the info you need and you will never have to write descriptions again.

Rest assured, @InfoHunter, no insult was perceived. I was merely curious. Thanks for the insight into your reactions to the program.

As it turns out, both your example sales invoices can be functionally replicated using existing features of Manager (except for the fields on the Digi-Key invoice that have no counterparts in Manager, such as country of origin, although those could be handled with line-item custom fields). Simply enter the part number in the Item code field and a brief description as the Item name. Leave the Description field blank. The item’s name will appear in place of the description on completed transaction forms.

But not as part of their DESC field.

Thanks…I’m always learning and always looking to make things better. Your guidance is appreciated!

Thanks for the suggestions. Luckily I haven’t been doing this too long and I have a small home business I am using Manager to do my own bookkeeping. Sorry, you being an accountant and all ;)! I like your optimism that I have the opportunity to make corrections now to avoid true tedium down the road.

However, as Tut suggested, it seems Item Code is the way to go. I see Item as a sortable reference to a specific product that would still need the description. For example, say I sell office chairs. I have several different models and colors:

Item - 11011 Description - High back chair, black
Item - 11012 Description - High back chair, blue
Item - 11021 Description - Low back chair, black
Item - 11022 Description - Low back chair, blue

So on and so forth. What you suggest would mean including all that information for each product in Item, period. I have a little experience working with MSAccess databases and my layman’s knowledge has bells and whistles going off because that setup is way too lengthy and unsortable. DB’s love to index simple references. That is not what this does. However, Item Code and using Item for the description seems to offer a much better solution and it will appear on the printed invoice.

Thanks for your input. I always enjoy getting different viewpoints. It makes the forum more interesting and the sharing of information more valuable. Now if we could only get society to be so accepting and neighborly!

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@InfoHunter no offence taken.
it is always recommended to thoroughly read the guides and play around with a test business in Manager to get a better understanding of the program.
also, there is Batch Update feature which can be used to easily modify any or all inventory items. you can read about it in the guide Use Batch Create and Batch Update functions | Manager

as a bonus tip, if you want to have a description similar to the Paypal invoice, in the description field just save your item name followed by <br> tag and the necessary description.
Example: Item Name <br> Item name description
remember that almost all fields in Manager accepts html codes.


Two very useful suggestions. First, I was not aware of the batch update. Secondly, I do not know HTML but understand exactly what you suggest since I’ve dabbled in VB for use in MSAccess. The “br” will insert a line break to make the description two lines. Cool. I will keep both tools in my back pocket. BTW, just to show my age (as if Cool didn’t tip you off) I learned BASIC A in high school. Considering my beginnings, learning (a life-long pursuit) programs, like Manager and MSAccess, is fun and challenging. It keeps my brain sharp.

Thanks for your help!

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