Item name in good receipt note

in the print of good receipt note need the Item nameUntitled

it is because you have not set any description for an inventory item under the list available in Inventory items

edit your inventory item and update it with something inside the Description field.

i am not looking for Description field
i need item name

Item name column will not show on Goods receipt.

If you want to show it, then you can edit the inventory item with its Item name in the Description field. You do not have to use the Item name field in this case and it can be left blank.

i don’t understand
what does mining
The item name is one of the most important fields of the good receipt note
thank you


As per the Inventory items guide,

Now, if the Description field was left blank when creating the inventory item, shouldn’t the Item name appear in the Description column of Goods receipt?

Correct me if i am wrong.

Seems to me like it should. I’ll move this topic to Bugs.

thank you

Fixed in the latest version (17.7.49)

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thank you for fixed
but if in description write anything the item name is remove

Yes, that is how it is supposed to work. The Description field is assumed to be more informative than the item name. Only if there is no description will Item name be substituted. Item names are meant to be short and are mostly used for lists (in reports or selection boxes). Descriptions are what you want the recipient of the form to see.

Not sure if you referring something like this.
isklerius actually help me to resolve this for Invoice at this post: