Printer Problems

I am using version 16.12.36 and having difficulty to print invoices. It comes up with an error message. Emails are working okay. Thanks Dawn

Hi Dawn,
What operating system do you have?
What is the error message? When does it pop up?
Can you display a pdf via the PDF button? Can you print that ok?

Can you upload a screenshot of the error?

Hi Zark,

It prints as a PDF only. But if I just hit print it doesn’t.

Screen shot looks like this:

Yes I can print a PDF but if I just hit print I get this.

I can barely make anything out from the photo, but it looks like you are using a mac.
Try and take a screenshot instead: How to take screenshots and record your screen on Mac | iMore

I’m not familiar with mac’s myself, so you will need to wait for another mac user who may be able to shed some light on this, but a clear screenshot will help.

At least in the meantime you are able to save as a pdf and print that.

Thank you very much Zark

Here is the screen shot.

@Octopus, you need to hold down the Command + Shift + 4 keys all at the same time. Then, a special cursor will appear allowing you to select an area of the screen to capture. Upload the screen shot using the symbol in the menu bar for the composing pane of the forum (after hitting Reply).

One further question beyond what @Zark asked, also. Does the error message appear as soon as you hit the Print button in Manager? Or does it appear when you hit Print in the Printer dialog box that lets you select copies, etc?

I just tried to reproduce the problem with macOS v10.12.2 and Manager v16.12.37 and could not.

Thankyou Tut,

I am new at the Mac.

It happens when I hit print in Manager. If I hit PDF it prints.,

Kind regards


So we are still waiting for your screen shot. In your comments, you need to be very specific. For example, when you click the PDF button in Manager, it most definitely should not print. It should generate a PDF image, which you might then print from within your PDF reader (presumably Preview). Please clarify that, as small differences in behavior point to widely different problems.

Once we can read your screen shot, we may be able to diagnose your problem.

By the way, did you install–to the letter–exactly as explained in this Guide:

Hello Tut,

I have been at work so sorry for the delay. What is happening now is that I am no longer getting an error screen coming up so cannot screen shot it for you.
What is happening is that I ask for an invoice to print and the Manager program closes down completely. If I open it again and press PDF the printer screen
appears and I hit print and it does. So end result is that pressing print is not working at all just PDF and then hit print and I can get a copy.
Thank you for your patience and support.

Does the program close the instant you hit the Print button in the Manager window? Or do you first see the printer driver’s dialog box? (I asked you this question previously, but you did not answer. If you won’t answer questions, no one can help.)

If you are seeing the dialog box, are you by any chance attempting to change the scale factor?

Yes when I hit print Manager disappears instantly no dialog box.

All I can suggest is to update Manager again. Follow the Guide I linked you to in my earlier post exactly. Your version is one I never downloaded. (I went from 16.12.32 to 16.12.37.) There is a remote possibility there was some issue on download. The next version came so quickly, you might be the only person in the world who downloaded 16.12.36.

Actually, I thought of one more possibility. If you can get access to another printer, try setting it as your default. There may be something about your printer driver Manager doesn’t like.

Thankyou very much I will try that. Appreciate your patience.

I also facing printer issue, whenever I tried to print document through my printer, my printer did not print properly also it shows an paper issue, so I want a proper solution how to remove this error.


Sounds more like a operating system and/or printer problem rather than an issue with Manager software

Can you print from other applications?

Without any error related to Manager and a generic link to a commercial site, looks like spam to me