Print - PDF issue

today evening onwards facing a strange issue…!!!
while genertaing PDF using print option logo gets inverted…!!!
Earlier this issue was not there…!!!
Screenshots for ref.

This is the view in software

And this is after generating PDF thru print option

Please help…!!!
Not using any custom theme and also din changed any thing else…!!!
Using the free version and updated to the latest one and tried …Still facing the same issue…!!!
Updated to the laetst free ve

When you use the Print button, you are using features of your operating system and printer drivers, not Manager. So something probably changed there.

Had the exact same thing happen just over a week ago.
I resized the logo and it works fine now. (140x140)
I’m not sure what changed or when it changed, but it was not my operating system or drivers.
It is the built in PDF generator causing the problem as all other PDF printers I tried worked fine.

I must disagree. Regardless of what happened in your case, @pranay stated the problem occurred using the Print button, which does not involve the built-in PDF generator. This fact is proven when PDFs generated via the Print and PDF buttons display differently.

Whoops, yes you are right it is an issue when printing to a PDF printer via the Print button.
My memory had it about face.
Just tried it again and it is only an issue if the logo is too large, so the remedy is still the same, for me, regardless. This is only a recent issue though, sometime in the last month.

Thanks this information helps!

Ok i unistalled the recent update of my PDF reader (Foxit) and the issue resolved.
You were correct it was an external issue…!!!
Thank you :slight_smile:

May i know which PDF reader you are using ???

Primarily I use Foxit,

did u update it recently…???
if yes rollback to earlier version and the problem will be solved…!!!
it’s the issue with foxit pdf printer with recent update…!!!

Already stated how I solved it, I just resized my logo image and voila.

if u just roll back to earlier version,you don’t even have to resize the logo…!!!