Create PDF in app issue

Whenever I try to print/covert to PDF using the in app PDF button, or email say an invoice

My logo is cut-off near the center of the page, I can however print to PDF using MS, Adobe or Nitro and the document/logo come out perfect.

Any Ideas welcome

Can you post screen shots that illustrate this? Also, are you using a custom theme?

Here we go Tut, one before PDF-ing and one after, yes it is a custom form

Your problem is obvious. Your logo is too wide for the maximum width set for it. Somewhere in your theme code, you should have started with a line something like this:

 {% if business.logo != null %}<td style="text-align: right"><img src="{{ business.logo }}" style="max-height: 150px; max-width: 300px"></td>{% endif %}

Normally, the program will size the logo to fit the space allocated. You have apparently done something to override that. The software that displays things on screen is different from the PDF generator, so whatever you did apparently works one place, but not the other.

yep you are right, i did increase the height and width parameters to get a nicer looking invoice.

The print to printer function does give me exactly what I see … so somewhere the in-app PDF converter shuts this logo window down again … sooooo where it is mon ?

I don’t know. I’m just a forum moderator. What I can tell you is the reasoning behind it. Across the various forms generated by a theme, there is a bunch of different information to squeeze in. You may not use it all, but others do. And most fields in Manager won’t show if there is nothing in them. So you may have what you think is blank real estate that is actually reserved for something else. All this is complicated by having to work in 80-plus languages on different paper sizes. So the developer has to pin down some things.

So if you are determined to use your extra-wide logo, you’ve already discovered the workaround: use the Print button and select a virtual PDF printer.

thanks as always Tut … a small price to pay for a great looking invoice