Invoice does not come out same in PDF

I not sure anybody here can help but I have done my own theme for an invoice and it looks good when you view the invoice in manager but when I send as a PDF it comes out different this is invoice view a made up invoice

this is the PDF

it also appears that when I print it does not come out
is there another place I have to code??

For printing, you need to open Internet Explorer and select print - page setup and then tick print background colours and images. Manager uses the settings of IE for printing.

Try Tracker Xchange Pdf Editor and see if you still have the issue using this as this will tell you whether the pdf program built into Manager is the issue or your coding is the issue. This will create a virtual printer that you can print to pdf with.

Thank you for using Firefox! Best browser there is! :grinning:

I am a bit confused I dont have internet explorer I have fire fox if I do I dont know where or how to find it and I downloaded the Tracker exchange and opened a PDF to there and it says errors detected in the xref table??

Ok I went to windows accessories and clicked on internet explorer and it bought up a screen with a blank page but it had settings so I tick the background and image box on print settings but it still did not open the PDF with the full back ground

Changing the settings in Internet explorer affects when you print - using the print to printer and paper option or print to pdf option. It has no effect on the pdf button in manager.

Ignore the Xref errors as this is a known issue - the key point is does this display the background correctly or not when printing to pdf xchange. If not then the issue is your coding.

If I dont use the PDF button on manager and go print then print to file and then save it and open with pdf xchange then yes it does open right so that means ??? do I have to do that all the time now

If printing to pdf using pdf xchange shows the invoice properly, but not the pdf in manager, then you have demonstrated that there is some bug with the pdf within manager and we need to raise it as a bug.

How do I do that?

@lubos there appears to be a bug printing background pictures using the Manager PDF, but it works fine using a 3rd party PDF printer. Can you investigate? Thanks

Oh that was easy :laughing: thank you

I did an invoice in manager today and it went to xchange and today it is coming up with the same problem. Yesterday it wasn’t so now I am still none the wiser if it is my problem or a PDF problem

try print as pdf,

It may be something to do with whether it fits on one page or not. I have noticed that if I have around 20 lines in the invoice, I have to use the manager pdf as both xchange and nitro pdf crash if I have more than 20 lines of text. The amount of content on each invoice, may be the issue.

so dalacour how do I switch between the 2 as it just automatically opens in xchange since I have downloaded it

If you want to use your original pdf program, right click any pdf and select open with and then select your original pdf program. Manager does not control what pdf program is used to view a pdf.

Hi, is this issue resolved?
I am having this issue where I have finally got the theme works perfect in Manager, but not when I click on PDF to export as PDF.
Anyone can help? It’s just a theme that I have not go into insert data.

So does any one else have any ideas I have played around with size etc no luck. I have even tried a theme template and tried changing the back ground color to the image.
I really really want this to work. I tried 3rd party pdf but that did not work

If you are asking about using the PDF button in Manager, then the answer is as @lubos told you in this post: some of the coding in your theme is not supported by Manager’s PDF generator.

If you are asking about the image being split an repeated in a pdf: tell us the type of image file your are using (jpeg, gif, etc.) and the size (width in pixels, height in pixels, DPI), so that someone can try an replicate the problem.

Keep in mind though, that there is the possibility that the CSS declarations used in your theme may not be supported in your print-to-pdf creator, as they are not supported in Manager’s pdf generator. I’m not sure where you would find the answer as to which declarations are supported in your pdf printer.

Great thanks here are the details of my picture it is the logo picture I use in manager

I hope this helps
I did not write the code I know nothing about html I belong to the utter access web site and I asked on there and some one knew about manager and wrote it for me and it works but except fora white line down the right hand side and the image is repeated not the one image right across

Your picture has a size of 450px width and 278px height. If you take a close look to the manager’s output you will see the picture is stretched out. In .pdf it does not, but shows the picture again.

Maybe your solutions lies in the possibility to change the width of your picture. Give it a width of 900px. That could be done by a program like paint, Photoshop, Lightroom, Paintshop Pro, Irfanview etc. Or you can change the code of your theme and give the picture an explicit width.

As you don’t feel familiar with all this, maybe you can send me the picture or the code of your theme.
In order to avoid compromising this forum, you can send it to my emailaddress if you like.