Invoice printing problem


suddenly my invoices start to print incorrectly, the logo start to appear with transparency you almost dont see it and the cells dont fit to printable area
please help!!!


Check your printer settings before you actually print. Manager adapts to the page dimensions and layouts you have specified via your printer driver. I find that occasionally, without my intervention, things will be set for a different paper size or layout. This happens more when using other applications than Manager.


thnks for your help but i dont think thats the case it only does it with sale invoice in side the browser before print


The logo should be fixed now. I’m still looking into right-side of the table being cut-off in some cases.


I was mostly addressing your complaint that cells did not fit within printable area. Yet your screen shot shows that they do, while your photo of the printed invoices shows that they do not. So I still believe that problem has something to do with your printer driver rather than Manager.

I don’t know why the logo has changed. I would try reloading the business logo under settings. It also helps avoid problems if the logo is not too large. Manager scales logos down to size, but other users have reported problems when they load large images. They have reported that problems went away when smaller images were loaded.


thanks Lubos


The missing right border line should be fixed in the latest version (15.6.87).