"Print" command

The standard selections, such as the “Print” command in the standard Apple “File” prompt at top bar next to “Manager” are not shown. Having the standard “Print” command there would at least allow reports, such as General Ledger “Journal Entries” to be generated.

Manager is not written for individual operating systems. It functions as a browser, running the same software on all operating systems (in the desktop edition) or via any operating system and browser (in the server and cloud editions). All reports and transactions can be printed with the Print button at the top of the Manager window:

Many thanks for the quick response. Yes, I agree that on a number of reports there is a print button. My comment relates to having a print button on say Journal Entries or General Ledger Transactions,etc. If for some reason I need a print out I have to go through the process of copying it to a spreadsheet.


The General Ledger Transactions report does have a Print button.

Journal Entries is a functional tab, listing certain parameters of transactions entered in it. In most cases, functional tabs have accompanying formatted reports capable of extracting and presenting relevant data. Those reports all have Print buttons. When built-in, predefined reports are not adequate, there are custom reports, which also have Print buttons. For the rare case where you just want the limited data of a tab listing, there is the Export button, which leads to copying and pasting into a spreadsheet.

The problem with using the Print function of whatever operating system you are on is that printing is controlled by the application. On your Mac, for example, there is no Print function when in the Finder. Switch to a word processing program, however, and you get the Print function of the word processor. That is why the options and layout of the print dialog box are different when printing from Safari, Word, Numbers, or Mail. The one thing they have in common is that all functions are supported by the macOS operating system. But the options can be different, even for the same nominal application, when you move from one operating system to another.

Since Manager runs through multiple operating systems and browsers, it cannot depend on those Print functions, which are all written for specific operating systems. Instead, it has its own Print button. That is one of the consequences of having an application you can run on your Mac, then make a backup file to give to your accountant running Windows, or have multiple users accessing your data through three operating systems and several different browsers.

Again, many thanks for your quick response. I will try to utilise custom reports, which, as a fairly new user, have not tried as yet.

One more comment/question. I mainly use Manager for 4 separate General Ledgers I operate. A couple of the posting procedures are a bit clumsy. Is there a way I can bring this to the notice of the developers to see if they are willing to look at some improvements.


Start new forum topics, one for each issue. But search the ideas category first. There are already about 200 suggestions there.