Reports will not Print

Manager seems to work just fine except when I try to print or save Manager. It works well except when I try to print. Nothing will print. The file pulldown menu offer only the CLOSE BUTTON. No PRINT or SAVE button on the File Pull Down. And thoughts?

What do you mean by “file pulldown menu”?

Hi Joe,
Thanks for getting back. As you look up at the top MENU BAR at the top of the Mac OSX screen there are several buttons. The first of those menu buttons at the top left is the FILE button . If you click on the FILE button a menu of of choices comes down. One of the choices if you are in any kind of document or report is PRINT.


Print and PDF Option is available Directly on the document view interface for Example if you want print an balance sheet go to the balance sheet view page there at the top of balance sheet you will find the print button!

Can you save and open It in PDF ? It may be your Printer Issues .

I guess you are using a Mac. There is a lot of stuff in the forum about this problem. The solution is to right click on a tab to open Manager instance in a browser and then print from there.

This is the post I found. Maybe it will help you.



thank you @Tut i was checking in the old topic and i noticed the replies and i followed them and its working for now as you said its not a permanent fix but its helping!

i am posting the help here also maybe it will be helpful for the one read:

Open manager on mac and then open this link on your web browser:

its tested on safari / chrome ( the print function working fine / save as pdf / mozilla firefox )

This worked! Thank you.

As mentioned right clicking on any link will allow you to open an instance in a window which is a browser window which is similar to typing the link. See screenshot below:

Screenshot 2021-04-25 at 04.02.09