Inventory list doesn't show price columns

To my surprise when I took the inventory list I don’t find the purchase and sale price. What happened ?

I have 2500 products…and have same problems…or products is missing or show me if i should buy more…and prices is disapear…actual cost and trade price. because some man update all system like hes want…not like everybody liked

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There is new report called Inventory Price List, as for average cost and total cost of inventory on hand, this information will be available elsewhere.

The inventory price list won’t help me. Let me explain the scenario. I have over 1500 items in my inventory and the products are footwear. Every different model is NOT a new item in the inventory. When we receive goods we check the purchase price with that which we already have in our inventory, if that purchase price is already there we associate the existing product code and sales price for the new product. Hence we need to have the previous inventory list we had in which I can ‘search’ for the matching prices and comfortably add the new purchase invoice. Even if we get the same thing (with purchase and sales price) as a report, it still it won’t help much without the search option.

Currently I’m in a situation were I’m unable to enter my new purchase invoice nor I’m able to give the pricing for the arrived goods. It’s been three days. There is no point in spending hours just to find out the prices of the products to enter one single invoice. Kindly take this situation seriously and provide a fix at the earliest.

Thank you.

How we can get older version was better

The latest version (17.16.23) puts both Sale price and Purchase price columns back under inventory items tab.

Yipee, Thanks Lubos

I Just downloaded Manager and got 17.6.28 and not (17.16.23) and no Purchase price columns back under inventory.

Thank you Lubos, it’s back. Issue settled. Thanks again :slight_smile: