Messy Orders and Quotes after update

I just updated to 21.03.16 and got a mess in existing quotes and orders (both sales and purchase). Also extra columns are added.
A couple of examples:

Purchase order: Total doesn’t look at Qty x Unit price but just copies Qty


Sales quote: empty Qty remains faded 0 and digiting 0 keeps counting 1. The same happens for the Purchase order.

That’s because of all of the users that are constantly pushing for such hideous format.

It appears that nobody gets that you can only quote inclusive prices or exclusive prices at a time but never both. I mean really, what is the use of having redundant information? No one knows but this still want it.

Anyway this ungodly format is one prime example of design by committee.

I’m not able to reproduce the issue with totals not adding up properly. Are you using desktop edition on Windows? Is this with WebView2 installed? (there is a prompt to install WebView2 if it’s not when launching Manager).

As for the extra columns, they only show if checkbox Amounts are tax inclusive is unchecked. If it’s unchecked, Manager will calculate tax amount and tax inclusive totals as you go. There will further calibration to make things as simple (or complex) as user desires but I’m not there yet.

As for the zero quantity, well… this is when quote contains items which do not have quantity. You can still have price and being added to the quote total. But this aspect needs to be made more intuitive.

Thanks @lubos,

Desktop - Windows - Webview installed

Strange, it worked before the update (both sales and purchase invoice still do):

  • blank = 1
  • zero = multiply unit price by zero = total 0

Ok. Not really a beauty. I have to buy a larger monitor to scroll the page horizontally :thinking:
I hope that at least the invoice remains as it is :pray:

That grey space on the right of the Qty box is there for a purpose?

But isn’t it useful to see tax amounts and tax inclusive line total? One reason for doing this is that tax amounts are calculated per line item, rounded then added up. This is standard in every double-entry accounting system. By showing how it’s done as you go, it eliminates confusion when users try to multiply transaction total by tax rate and end up with different tax amount (off by a cent or two).

Yes. It shows unit of measure for item you have selected but if you leave Unit name empty when creating your items, the space will not show anything.

Since the update we are having serious issues with our cloud based version on the quotes module.

We have some often used quotes, so we create one quote with a customer name TEMPLATE and a future date. (pic below)

We then whenever want to use that template, open it up and clone it. The issues we are having are as follows.

1- On the date location, before the update, when we click the type box, we used to be able to choose TODAY, instead of scrolling through the mini calendar, now that is gone??

2- The ZERO qty doesnt work anymore which is problematic for us as we have optional extras noted on quotes (pic below), where now it adds it as 1???

We only use manager for quoting and invoices and this will make the cloud based version redundant as we would have to revert back to a desktop version before the update and drop the cloud version… please advise

How do you use zero quantity concept? If the quote is only to show prices, then I guess it’s not required to see total. There is a checkbox on the quote that says Hide total amount.

Why not issue quotes with the Hide total amount checkbox ticked?

It wont work for us to use the hide total concept.

In our case we supply portable homes. These are kits and have many optional extras. It was working great where we include X, Y, Z items at say a total of 10k which shows as the total at the bottom of the quote, but to showcase to customers other possible EXTRAS, we include this in the quote after the X, Y, Z items, but with QTY as ZERO, to allow the customer to show each indiviual EXTRA in a seperate line item so it makes it clear what the cost is if they do choose it. (See example below)

Note in the image above, the total amount quoted before the update should not have included the optional extras, where now it is included… not only this an issue going forward, but its an issue for all quotes we have issued as its no longer corrected stated on our system VS. the ones already sent to customers.

I wouldve thought its a simple thing to allow for QTY to pick up the value 0 and times it by the amount stated on unit price therefore totaling it as 0, instead of system picking up 0=1

we literally have our admin/sales staff sitting here just waiting on a solution as they just cant work if this is not going to be fixed…

Many user just enter price when units are note relevant.

Imo entering a quantity of zero when a line item & price is specified but zero quantity included is more logical

  • Blank interpreted as qty 1
  • Zero interpreted as qty 0

Yeah, I think I cannot make it work with just zero. Needs to have blank state as well.

Hi Lubos so do you mean you cant have blank=1 and 0=0?

Basically will this be fixed? we at the office now need to put a plan in action to get an alternative if you are saying this is not going to be fixed.

Kindly let us know

It has been working until a few hours ago till the update, both blank and zero. Invoices are still working.

Ok yes I just checked Invoices are still working fine with 0 QTY = 0 total regardless of unit price…

Waiting anxiously for Lubos’s reply about the quotes

…and blank = 1 too

@lubos please just let us know if this will be sorted so we can revert back to a desktop version before the update if it wont, as its a very time sensitive issue - our whole business is on hold pending your feedback

In the latest version (21.3.23) I’ve added back blank state support for quantity column. So it should work like before.

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Many thanks :grin:

@lubos Just a final query. With this update, the existing quotes that used to have the qty as zero before the update at now blank after the update, thus all the existing quotes have incorrect values, as blank=1, is there a way we can adjust all blanks to equal zero or do we have to go through every single quote and type zero in the QTY blank line items?

Do you have a recent back up?
That and the history of what has recently changed maybe an effective way of immediately restoring prior settings.

There was talk of the history enabling undoing program update changes, not sure if that applies in this case

Unfortunately no recent backup. Certainly we will be backing up daily from now on. (An auto backup of say 30 days available for cloud based customers would be an amazing feature to have).

Cant find any undoing available on history to reverse program update change so I guess that has never materlised yet.

I didnt realise how vulnerable we could be to changes due to auto updates.