Desktop Edition


I am currently looking for accounting software to purchase.

Desktop edition - how much for 2 users?
- do you have a distributor here in the Philippines?
- can work on the software even without internet?
- can I generate reports to excel?

Hoping for help.


The desktop version is free, but supports only one user.
Server edition: Pricing | Manager can support any number of users and you host it on your own server.
Cloud edition: Pricing | Manager is already installed and ready to go, for any number of users.

You do not need a distributor, just select the product you want and set it up.

Once you have the desktop or server version installed (requires internet to download), it will run perfectly well without internet. (Certain functions will not work, like emailing).

The built in reports are very clear, informative and easy to generate. If you require more control over the report/graphs etc, you can export any of the reports to a format that Excel can import (tsv).

More information can be found at the links provided.

Hi Zark,

Thank you for your assistance.

I will discuss this with my team and get back to you.

No need to get back to me… :slight_smile:
I’m just a user who likes the program and contribute on the forum where I can.

Just use the links provided to run with the option that suits you best.
You can always install the desktop version and play with it to see if it meets your requirements.

Hello Zark , I’m from the Philippines also. You can check my API PHP library
here’s the link. Hope this will help :slight_smile:
GitHub - kennethmervin01/managerio: API Helper

Dear sir,
what is the limitation for the server edition. I am using it.

It is nag, kindly advice me for it.
“Reminder — This is free trial only. Please purchase the license from our website to continue using this software.Enter Product Key”
Irfan Khatri

The server edition is not limited. It is the same as the cloud version and, (with the addition of multiple users), the same as the desktop version.

As for the message, if you have only installed the server edition and not yet purchased a license, purchasing a license is your next step.

If you have purchased a license and still see that message, then create a new ticket on the forum for the developer to provide support.