Multiple prices on an inventory item

Hello, I want to create one inventory item on which I want to tab several different prices, so I can sell in different prices on different customers, etc. I think this was not possible, has this functionality being developed?

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No its not possible to do this. This may come into play, but will probably be done in a format that customers on the a list get the basic price, customers on the b list get a 10% discount etc. This way it would be more usable throughout the program.

It is possible through "Sales Invoice Items"
Check this out

You will find under Settings.
For each item you want to have multiple prices you will go there and
-Create a new sales invoice item
-Select the inventory account
-Select the equivalent item you want to create a ready to use discounted version

  • Fill up the rest of the details such as
  • Item code for this item, (The customer will see this in invoice if you choose to have one, as Item Code.
  • New unique item name for this item, (You will use this one to find the item when creating invoices) Customer won’t see this.
  • Item Description (Customer will see this in invoice)
  • The price of the item (Can be different of the price of the item in question)
  • The Discount you want for the item you just created.
  • The VAT of this item

So there are 4 different cases

  1. You dont put either item price or discount. -> On the invoice when you pick the product, both will be blank
  2. You dont put item price but you put discount 20%-> On the invoice you will get the product with blank price but with the picked 20% discount, so you’ll have to fill up the price as it doesnt gets the original product value
  3. You dont put discount but you put price 100. -> On the invoice you’ll get the product with the new picked 100 price, but without discount.
  4. You put both price 100 and discount 20%. -> On the invoice you will get the product priced 100, the discount 20%, the final price 80.

Hope that helps


I will have to look into that and see if that would work for me.

Also another thing I use to calculate raises in price while I am writing an offer (before I trasfer the purchase invoice to manager) is “negative discount” if you type -15% you will get on the final value the “product price x number of products * 1,15” , so you can use it to check on the price you would like to sell a product that you bought, but you should be careful as this is a quick and dirty tip. If you do that with more than one products, you’ll have to remember to divide the final value by how many products there are. Its a bit dangerous, but can save you two (ALT+TAB) to the calculator and back.

Yesterday a customer asked me about prices for 10 products.
I got the quote from the supplier. It had 11 items, the 11nth was the shipping (130 euros).
I wanted to send the customer a quick offer, so he knows the prices in case of order finalisation.
So as the purchase offer for me costed like 1000 and I wanted to sell with 20% I did this.
1000 * 1,20 = 1200. (How much I want to sell my products)
1000 - 130 euros = 870 euros. (Product price without the shipping)
1200 - 870 euros = 330 euros (Difference in sale price, and bought price of the products,excluding shipping)
330 euros / 870 euros = 0,379 (Discount difference)
So 870 * 1,379 = 1.199,73 (Almost the price I want to sell and I am happy with.)
What was left was the use of negative discount (-37,9%) on each product to see its price including the shipping cost for each item, and be careful of items that need to be divided by their quantity.

As I said a quick and dirty way, but a helpful one.

@Lubos I think there is a feature there that would be cool to have, right?

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