Power Went Out Now Desktop Manager Fatal Error

The power went out and once coming back on I tried to re-open my desktop version of Manager. When I clicked on it the circle thing started to spin then went off. I clicked again same thing. I walked away from it and when I came back it was open but there was a FATAL ERROR that I am going to try attaching. I tried restart, I tried updating (after I backed it up of course) - still same problem. Do I have to uninstall and reinstall to fix this? If so, what am I looking at in doing to bring the program specifics back to the way I need them?

Please and Thank you.

Update… after updating and restarting the computer, the error box is now gone… it just takes A VERY LONG TIME to open…

How did you perform a backup if the program would not start? You can only back up Manager files from within the program.

Also, what takes a very long time to open? Manager itself, or booting up your machine?

Whatever your issue is, you never need to uninstall Manager, and reinstalling is very unlikely to accomplish anything. But don’t worry. None of your data or settings are in the program. They are in a separate application data folder, with a file for each individual business. The main program calls data from there.

The screenshot is really small but if I can see anything than that is that manager is complaining about a process running on its usual port. So, maybe try to restart everything first?

Hi Tut,
After I walked away… frustrated because I thought it was hopeless… It was open (I think I mentioned that). There was an error box (sorry pic was so small). I backed it up, got out and retried and besides taking exceptionally long to open Manager, I got another error (it still opens but takes around 5 minutes to finally do so). I tried to update the program and restart the computer. The computer works quick but then tried to open Manager again, it still takes really really long to open. Didn’t get the error message but you all know… time is money and I am an inpatient one. I am worried the power outage may have caused a file to corrupt and I have had to uninstall and reinstall a few other open programs to return them to functionality. I was just looking for your ideas as my best course of action. This program is amazing, you do incredible work,and I recommend it to EVERY ONE. I love it and need it. Thank you for any help.

Thanks novica,
I actually restarted the computer several times as I had to uninstall and reinstall (Firefox as an example) some of the programs that we open when the power went out. The computer is running at normal speed, it’s just some of the open programs are not liking being interrupted like that.

Here’s an interesting question.
After the update and restart, 3 invoices from 2018 are now marked as being unpaid. Any thoughts?

You need to illustrate your situation with legible screen shots. Show lists, edit screens, and anything else necessary for others to understand the situation and relevant transactions.

You also did not answer my question about how you could back up your business file if you cannot open the program. Somewhere—not necessarily in relation to the power outage—it seems like you are doing something incorrectly. So please, complete details.