Possible to add date format?

There is this date format in Manager Capture

But as I learned today, the proper way to display month and year in MK locale is with a leading zero before days/months 1-9.

There is a date format with the correct day/month format, but that one is missing the letter at the end.

So the correct format should be 05.01.2018 г.

Any chance this can be added to Manager?

This would be a feature request, perhaps someone like @Tut or @Brucanna can tag it as such if they agree.

In another topic, @lubos recently said number formats are pulled from the underlying operating system: Impossible to import a bank statement file .Ofx - #14 by lubos. This may be true for date formats, too.

Interesting. Wasn’t aware that was the case for number formats.

I’m running a couple of versions of Manager (installed onto different OSes), so I may be able to verify whether this is also the case for dates - that way we know for certain. Will take a look later.