New Date Format


I would like to request the addition of a date format in the Preferences section.

Could you please add DD-MMM-YY. For example 21-Nov-19.

Currently there is DD-MMM YY, but its missing the hyphen (-) in between the year and month.

The reason i would like this is to make searching easier. Currently my date format is set to DD-MMM YY and if i want to search in the Receipts and Payments section for Nov 19, the results seems to pull in extra dates that i dont want. I guess because its searching for Nov AND 19 and not just “Nov 19” together. If my date was set to DD-MMM-YY i could search for NOV-19 and get the correct results.


Dates are searched exactly like any other criteria. Detailed search behavior is described in this Guide: Your searches would probably be helped by sorting first. See

use the date format which is easier to search eg.
this is the prefered one when searching

I agree the hyphen needs to be added to bring it in to line with operating system standards, if nothing else!

or use the better format YYYY-MM-DD which avoids all ambiguity :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I didn’t realise that any country adopted the MM-DD-YYYY format. I thought all middle endian countries used a slash: MM/DD/YYYY.

It is unusual to see middle endian with hyphens as hyphens are almost always used to denote a flow of state, small to large, or large to small. By using them with middle endian it totally confuses all known (to me) formats.

I have spent a lot of time and effort on date formats used around the world because I find it so annoying there are so many different “standards”. As such I always personally adopt ISO 8601 to avoid any ambiguity, and if anyone was to ever use YYYY-DD-MM I think I would have a meltdown! lol

I’m just curious and not attacking at all, but what country is this? (or is it just personal preference?)

The real issue is the hyphen. It is one of the ‘Standard’ formats in almost all software. I have searched through my OS, Excel and a couple of other programs and the all have dd-mmm-yy, with hyphen, but NONE had dd-mmm yy as a standard.
To advise a different search method to circumnavigate a non standard format is poppycock.
Just add the hyphen and it conforms…simple.

TBH, I’ve never seen it before either and agree, it seems odd that it’s not there by default. It really (IMHO) should be user customisable as it is in most software these days, have a free form field that let’s the user put in whatever format suits them. :slight_smile:

At any rate, I’ve realised that I totally misread the first post anyway, the OP had nothing to do with middle endian format, which in turn makes me look like a crazy person in that last post! :crazy_face: lol

Just to add from the ISO link d3mad posted

“The basic format should be avoided in plain text.”[15] The separator used between date values (year, month, week, and day) is the hyphen,

you are aware though, that this is in reference to that standard which is largest to smallest. This standard doesn’t cover dd-mm-yyyy and dd-mmm-yyy options.

@Tut - Yes so i could do this and it should work.

I could also use the date suggested by @Hosea_Leonard but i kind of like the date i mentioned e.g. 12-Nov-19 and that’s what i want to show up on my invoices.

I would guess its not that hard to implement so why not?

User customisable like @d3mad suggested would be best i think though.

Based on that research it would appear that Manager is listing a non-standard date format.
Therefore I will list this as a bug so that it can be corrected.

Great, thanks.

Fixed in the latest version (19.11.75)

Previous implementation would take date formats from underlying operating system. Apparently, dd-MMM yy date format is defined on Windows as short date format for Kyrgyzstan.

Anyway, it’s probably better if the list of possible date formats is hard-coded in the software so the options are same everywhere. Previously you’d see different options under different operating systems. The latest version will show the same options under all operating systems.

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Working well now after updating. Thanks