Variable Date Formats

The dates I am seeing on reports and throughout Manager appear to be in the ‘European’ format of dd/mm/yyyy. We have already experienced issues when dealing with our North American coleagues where the common format is mm/dd/yyyy. It can be confusing when dates between the 1st and 12th of the month are presented. As a business, we have adopted the ISO 8601 date format of yyyy-mm-dd.
Would it be possible to choose to have dates displayed in ISO 8601 format?

Manager is using whatever regional settings are set in your operating system. Sometime this month I will add ability to override these regional settings in the program itself.

Thanks very much. That will allow us to be consistent across both our businesses.
BTW - I am super impressed with the speed at which you answer these queries.

I have some problems with date formatting. I am in the Duch locale, but my dates are formatted like mm/dd/yyyy, while we in Europe love to have our dates formatted lijk dd/mm/yyyy
I’m using ubuntu. I tried to find a place in the system where ubuntu shows formatted dates, but could not (at least not in this short notation).

I fiddled some more with this, and it turns out that the date is formatted correct when I set the os language to Dutch.
I usually have it on English, but the locale is set to Amsterdam, so the localen should be NL/en
Could it be that manager is only checking the language, and not the location?

I’m going to add this month ability to override date/number format from within the program. This would settle this issue.

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hi. is the feature available yet?

Not yet but it will be available within 2 days.

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OK, check the latest version (12.13.12). There is a “Preferences” tab in the top menu which will allow you to select country for the purpose of date/number formatting.

Hi - Looks good and works well, if you want to use a format for a specific country. However, we require an international format; specifically ISO 8601.
Perhaps, we could define a country called ISO 8601 with the date format yyyy-mm-dd and the number format -#,##0.## (i.e. 1,234.56 or -0.12)

Perhaps it would be better to allow for overriding the country settings with explicite formats for amounts and dates.
I assume a long and short version should suffice.

Either scenario would work for us…

Ditto for the ISO 8601 standard. With it being YYYY-MM-DD.

Look at french quebec on wiki: 3 or 4 acceptable formats which can create massive confusion.

Setting to Albania for the correct date unfortunately changes other elements like commas in place of periods for currency formats.

Or as “ebunders” said, in the preferences area, itemized settings for date and currency allowing for complete flexibility.

Would this be an easy addition?

Check the latest version (14.2.37).

Go to Preferences, click on country under Date and number format label and check the box to enable ISO 8601 formatting for dates.

This is better than candy. Thanks Lubos

Is it possible to have different date formats per business / per invoice.
Sometimes we are sending invoices to foreign countries and it’s confusing for them.

For consistency this would probably be easiest implemented on a per-customer/supplier basis.

This is not possible. The date format preference is a global one that applies to all transactions in all businesses. But you can always change it temporarily when sending an invoice to somewhere using a format different from your standard.