Possibility of "Read Receipt" on outgoing correspondence

Hi all,

Is there a way of receiving confirmation when a customer has received/read our mail.
Eg - For important quotes/correspondence we often chose a read receipt when sending via Outlook. My manager queried whether ‘X’ had replied to our quote (sent directly through Manager) and whether they had read the mail. I had no way of confirming. I’ve made a rule on Outlook that all mail sent via our Quotes email should request a read receipt, however with our direct Manager mailings not going via Outlook, I am struggling to find a solution to manage something similar in Manager.

Any ideas greatly received.
Many thanks

no. this is a feature found in email clients. a read receipt is possible only if Manager is capable of receiving inbound email communication.
your only option is to save the quotes as pdf and sending them via Outlook.

another possibility would be to add trackers to your email which is beyond the scope of this forum.

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Thanks for your clarification.