Email tracking - read mails


I’m a happy user since 2017. We have a few issues mostly about multi language for which I already found relevant topics.

What’s also important for us is email tracking. I found other topics but not quite about the approach that I’m thinking about.

  • Tracking like you would do in Outlook with a delivery and read notification is one option. However recipients can still decline the read notification. Would it be possible to enable this in the email settings? Perhaps with a global option and an option to overrule it for each outgoing mail.

  • Tracking the mail with a tracking pixel. I’ve been working in IT for 20 years. This is something we already did over 15 years ago. It can be embedded in the email template. We just need to be able to link the outgoing mails to a database on our webserver. Maybe for now we could only record mails for which we receive feedback (= pixel was read).
    Could be useful but it’s possible to block this kind tracking so we cannot be 100% sure.

  • From some of our suppliers we don’t receive mails with attachments but with a link to the invoice. Obviously it’s tracked when you click it. If you don’t you get a friendly reminder after a couple of week saying : we noticed you haven’t opened your invoice yet…
    The invoices need to be stored on a webserver with a tracking page in front of it. Nothing too complicated. We can develop that ourselves.
    But then we need the outgoing mail not to be one with a pdf. Just a mail with the link (can be done in the template). And to the pdf should be automatically stored on a ftp, webdav,…

It would be great to see a complete integration but I can imagine it’s not a priority. For now would it be possible to do something about delivery and read notifications? And also the possibility to automatically store invoices on a ftp server and send mails without attachment.

We have too much clients saying they never received the mail while we’re sure they have. Then we have to spend time and money on email reminders, snailmail, sms and calling the client. It usually turns out they did get the original mail but just decided to ignore it. I think it’s important to eliminate the whole discussion in between.

please read a similar topic.

the same answer is applicable. i personally would not prefer any inbound data which may be prone to viruses in my business accounting software.

you can alternatively configure Manager to send all emails to one particular email id (Outlook for example) and set it to forward the same automatically to your customers based on the subject.
a simple google search will get you the detailed steps to do it.

Many email clients do not automatically download images, so a very large fraction of your emails would go untracked anyway.

I agree. I just wrote down a few options.
The delivery notification still is interesting. Combined with the download link we can automate a thing or two. To avoid doing it manually the FTP option and outgoing mail without pdf attachment would come in handy.