Email "Request a Receipt"

Is there a way to add the “Request a Read Receipt” or “Request a Delivery Receipt”. Obviously, I can print things out and attach to a standard email system but would be convenient to just hit a button in the email setup of Manager to do this.

Manager does not allow incoming email. Therefore, no receipts.

I think he means a read/delivery receipt from his outgoing mails

Not sure how that would work as there are a myriad of email servers around and each has its own format for this, if it’s available

I understood what he meant. But a read receipt requires acceptance of an incoming message that the email client interprets as a receipt rather than a message. As you say, @Joe91, implementation and availability vary.

So, If I trigger a “Read Receipt” from the Manager app, I did not expect that Manager would read back the receipt. My email system (i.e. outlook in my case) needs to deal with that. I may miss understand how the outlook Read Receipt works but that was what I was suggesting.
@Joe91 suggests that somehow outlook deals with many server alternatives and if that is true, this I understand why this is not possible/desirable for Manager
PS I do understand that such a “Request Read Receipt” is not guaranteed to actually produce the desired result based on the receiving entity setup.

Your ordinary email client (Outlook) is not involved in any way with sending of emails from Manager. Therefore, its features are not available when sending from within Manager.

This is not true. Outlook deals only with emails sent through it.

Although you can Request Read Receipt in some email systems, the actual email user can refuse to send a receipt so while the reception of a read receipt usually guarantees that the email was read, the absent of a read receipt does not convey any information about the reception or not

A delivery receipt usually signifies that the email was delivered to the destination server and routed to the email address requested. It does not say anything about the reception and/or opening by the recipient

I meant that Outlook can request read receipts and accept read receipt notifications from many other email server systems

@Tut , I give up trying to explain. I never asked Outlook to send the email! I only asked if Manager trigger the function on sending the email such that outlook might receive the response.
@Joe91, As I said it is not guaranteed that setup of the receiving system of the request (or the user) may not allow such response (but I guess I was not clear).
In any case, I have my answer. Manager cannot trigger “Request a Read Receipt” or “Request a Delivery Receipt”!
Thank you for your help.

@Hiflyer, I understood what you meant. And I answered that, because Outlook is not involved in any way with emails from Manager, its features are not available.

@Joe91, while Outlook can deal with receipts sent back from many other email systems, it can only do that for emails sent by it. It could not handle a receipt for a message sent from another email client, because it would not know what to associate the message with.

Sorry if I am not being clear. The bottom line is that (a) Manager is a one-way, outbound system and (b) receipts are only feasible for emails sent by the same client (more restrictive than just the same program—in other words, I cannot get receipts from Outlook for emails sent with Outlook by @Hiflyer).

Again, I accept Manager will not do this function!!!

I would suggest your understanding of the function is not correct.
As a test, I sent a test email from Outlook running on windows 10 where the option to request a read receipt was triggered to a different email account I do not monitor by outlook.
Then after an hour or so, I rebooted my machine to linux and brought up Thunderbird. The test message was there and asked if I wished to respond to the read request to which I replied yes.
I then in Thunderbird checked the original email account (from which I sent the message and remember outlook is not running as I have rebooted to linux) and check for the response message. The read request reply was there and readable.
So I must assume your discussion of how this cannot be done seems in error somehow.
If you are going to say manager can not receive any email messages, I accept that and was never expecting it to.
You should also note I did not request a new feature as It would surely be put at the bottom of a long list.
In any case, no further discussion is needed.

As the program now requires the user to have their own SMTP address it should be possible to add a checkbox to the email settings to include MDN - Message Disposition Notifications - in the headers.


Read receipts are sent back to one’s “Inbox” as email messages, but the location may be changed depending on the software used and its configuration. Additional technical information, such as who it is from, the email software they use, the IP addresses of the sender, and their email server is commonly available inside the Internet headers of the read receipt.

The technical term for these is “MDN - Message Disposition Notifications”, and they are requested by inserting one or more of the following lines into the email headers: “X-Confirm-Reading-To:”; “Disposition-Notification-To:”; or “Return-Receipt-To:”

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